That Darn Dog Tyson.

One can never say that we don’t love our kids or our pets. Every pet we own typically ages out beyond what they’re supposed to live.

Parenting is harder than raising most pets though, IMO. 🙏

Tyson is a difficult pup. He isn’t as “human-like” as our Zeke is. Zeke is mostly a German Shepherd and has had way more traditional training than Tyson, so we understand both those factors go against where Tyson is now, at age 1 1/2. I’ll be honest, Tyson tests my commitment to keeping a dog some days 🤣 but I feel so strongly about keeping my pets unless there’s some emergency scenario where I cannot keep them. (like some unforeseen drastic event).

So I know in my entire being Tyson is meant to be with us. The owners that didn’t want him, & I were drawn to each other for a reason. I welcome the test to learn a new type of DOG OWNERSHIP. I love dogs, and most are drawn to me in public, I am not kidding! I even get double looks from dogs who want to come say HI, but their owner pulls them away. I have a calling for dogs, much like a friend of mine had a calling for ‘knowing’ animals (mostly focused on horses). 🥰

I know my calling is to be around DOGS as often as I can be. I just understand them. It’s hard to explain to random people, but if you have this type of calling or belief, you will understand what I am saying.😘

Well, Mister Tyson acts like a DOG. Zeke acts like a HUMAN. Zeke never chewed up stuff, heck even all of the puppy toys we bought him? TYSON chewed them up when HE came to our home about a year later. GO figure.

Here’s my issue with that darn dog Tyson.

Lately, Tyson has been barking at chipmunks, red squirrels, birds, etc. He isn’t a fan of nature, rather, he has a high prey drive. I knew this was mostly because Tyson was “bored”, he has more energy and it wasn’t being used up so he would BARK BARK BARK at anything just from boredom.

He will just drive me insane during the daytime hours for he won’t stop barking. I don’t want to be that neighbor who annoys my neighbors with a barking dog. I also need to be focused to get my writing work done for clients.

The barking is just awful. Not only do I feel bad for Tyson, I also feel bad for my family who have to see me falling behind on my goals and be more tired because the barking is exhausting me. I knew I could attempt to train him with various methods, I have watched videos and read articles.

The issue is, any time I’ve tried some sort of training with Tyson? It just doesn’t work out the way I planned and each time I try to find a trainer, they are super aggressive with him and he is hiding behind my legs from the trainer.

I will not do that to my dog.

Finally, I asked, Justin, how much it would cost to build a tug toy for Tyson as he had at our last place. Tyson loved that thing and would run and jump and hang from it for a long time, then go drink water and chill out. He loved playing with that TUG toy. Zeke loves balls, Tyson loves TUG toys (and he is too strong to be tugging with us humans all of the time).

Justin said maybe it would cost $20-$30 and we looked to see if we had any trees to connect this DIY tug toy to in this yard. Sadly, we didn’t. The tree that we could connect to seems to be possibly on the neighbor’s line and isn’t in line with the dogs backyard fence space.

So that style was a no-no. That’s when I looked online for a “low-cost DIY tug toy” and found this Youtube video.

So off to Home Depot, we went, honestly, you can get these cheaper at Amazon but we wanted to do this thing now. I was losing my mind with this barking. Tyson needed a tug toy like three months ago. 🤣

Don’t mind the backyard being a mess. We are still trying to clean it up and organize it from whatever the previous tenants left behind.

The DIY tug toy was done, and I will share more on my Amazon Creator page tomorrow with the supplies and DIY video that we made so you can grab these supplies perhaps cheaper than Home Depot, and make this for your doggo.

I will be honest, I knew that Tyon’s barking wasn’t just a training issue or a prey drive issue. Don’t get me wrong, this dog does have a HUGE prey drive, but his backyard barking was because he didn’t have anything to keep his attention on.

I just had a feeling, as I said earlier on in this article, that I can sense what dogs need in most instances. I am connected to them in a way that I cannot explain in words. It’s just that I’m very good at connecting with a dog in a mental or emotional sort of way, and honestly? I have yet to meet a dog that I am fearful of.

I know if a dog is being aggressive they are either bored, have been hurt, or for other similar reasons and simply need some love, and consistency to show them that they are valuable. I know dogs are not humans, don’t get me wrong, but they are pretty much domesticated pets at this point, and I can truly sense their mental needs in most instances if given a chance to sit with them and engage with them for a time. 🤷‍♀️

I have a huge level of respect for dogs, and as Tyson continues to teach me what he needs, I can tell you for 100% sure that this tug toy was something he just needed so badly. He is now sleeping soundly on the couch relaxed, with a huge smile on his face, because his Human Parents took the time to make him a less than $40 tug toy for the backyard that he can go out and enjoy.

This helps keep his stress level down from all the natural movements outside, speaking of which, I am going to end this now for I have to get the hummingbird feeder up. There is an empty one outside from the previous tenants and last night? A hummingbird flew past us, must have been seeking that food that the previous tenants put out for them.

Nature is healing. Try spending time out there! Now that Tyson has this tug toy & he won’t bark like a maniac at the nature around him? I may just spend more time out back there in the lawn chair doing my writing work … in peace. 🕊

This tug toy hangs just so and moves a bit. It has a swivel top so it won’t get all tangled around the pole, and the conduit. Tyson is in love with this tug toy so much. His smile says it all.


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