Warning Signs from your Intuition That You Should Never Ignore

That Kicked in the Gut Feeling

There are many warnings signs your gut will give you long before your brain realizes it. This is very difficult for people who can see the good even in the worst scenarios. One promise I made to myself years ago was to always listen to the kicked in the gut feeling

My gut started screaming at me again. I had all of these weird feelings. I was told it was anxiety, and I started to believe that person’s truth. I started to believe that my kicked in the gut feeling was just my anxiety. Then I realized that my anxiety only kicks up when I’m not living my true purpose in life. My anxious feelings often subside as soon as I make uncomfortable, difficult decisions to live a better life. A better life doesn’t mean it’s something happier or easier, it simply means a better life that helps me feel at peace. A life where I don’t feel like a situation is bringing out the worst side of me.

I hate being mean. I hate ignoring people. I always want to make things peaceful, but that’s what keeps getting me into a mess of a situation where I’m left feeling like crap. I put someone else above me in ways that I never should do. It’s a learning process, a learning process that freaking hurts sometimes. 

I had to make a promise to myself. No more being kind, but also no more being mean in response to meanness. While I refuse to be angry and mean any longer, I will not put my peace at risk for trying to respond to messages that I’ve heard all before. I grew tired of fighting and feeling like crap. Yes, that kicked in the gut feeling that nearly took me down again because I didn’t listen to my intuition. 

This behavior of focusing on the good in someone isn’t healthy. It leads down a negative path where I end up sitting here wishing things had been different because even the most unhealthy of friendships have some good memories and moments.  

There’s no getting around it, standing up for that kicked in the gut feeling without any major proof to back up your instincts, is hard. The thing is, no matter what you do in life, you are the one who has to be confident about your decisions. Some decisions are going to be hard, and you’ll feel awful about the outcome at first.

The outcome can make you feel better in the long run and time heals all wounds. 

As with every situation, there’s some good and some bad. All people involved can be to blame for some part, myself included. I know this. That’s why I’m making a decision to be confident in who I am, what I worked so hard to be, and pray for the best for everyone involved. I’m not here to tell you I walked away from a bad friend, because the reality is this friendship was actually good in some ways, but for some reason, crap just got super unhealthy and the tie that bound that connection had to be cut. It hurts a little. 

Today, I’m going to share some warning signs to watch out for when it comes to listening to that kicked in the gut feeling. These warning signs are important to pay attention to. Do not allow anyone else to tell you that this is just your “mental illness” or “this is just you pushing away”, sometimes we know things that we can’t explain and it’s not our job to explain that to someone who doesn’t understand it, because, in fact, they may not be experienced enough to understand it, open to understanding it or simply don’t want to try to understand it. 

No one wins, except your mental health, when you make a decision based on these warning signs from your intuition that you should never ignore

Warning Signs from your Intuition That You Should Never Ignore

Warning Signs from your Intuition That You Should Never Ignore

The Kicked in the Gut Feeling

Have you ever been in a situation or about to go do something and your gut feels like you could throw up? One warning sign from your intuition that you’re about to do something that you will later regret is that kicked in the gut feeling. You’ll feel sick almost like when you have a stomach bug. This kicked in the gut feeling is your intuition warning you to not proceed in the direction you were just about to proceed in. 

When the Decision You’re Hesitant About Presents Itself

I believe in the Law of Attraction,  what you think is what becomes reality. I believe that the universe will present an easier path for you when you’re about to make a good-for-you decision. This can be in the form of the kicked in the gut feeling subsiding, peace overcoming your entire being, or perhaps something presenting itself like a new opportunity that aligns with that decision you were being indecisive about. 

Feel the Urge to Just Do It

I’m not one for just doing things, I tend to overthink and analyze which is all too often why I never listen to the kicked in the gut feeling right away. Sometimes what’s best for you isn’t so obvious, that’s where you have to trust your intuition. If you get the urge to just go with whatever you’re debating, then do it! Chances are this difficult choice is being made easier for you through intuition. If you’re in tune with your intuition, then this sudden push or pull to do something that will benefit your overall health is simply your intuition pushing you a little towards positivity. 

We all have that inner voice that tells us what’s best to do in any given situation. Sometimes we have to take into consideration that when the heart or mind is involved, such as with a relationship or friendship, that we tend to have blinders on. We don’t necessarily want to believe that our intuition is pushing us away from a person as a means to protect us in the long run, but it happens.

This can happen to anyone. Intuition is there for a reason, and if your kicked in the gut feeling has come about because something simply doesn’t fit the situation, something doesn’t quite add up or make sense, then just listen to your gut. Do what you need to do. Sure, you may be wrong. Sure, it may be anxiety. The thing is, who cares! You and only you have to live with the decisions you make and trust me people, those decisions made with confidence will help bring positivity back into your life.

Good things come to those who make difficult choices and sometimes do things they don’t want to do, as a means to live more peacefully and more aligned with their true self. Some people have led a different lifestyle, they see things differently than you. It doesn’t make them wrong but it’s okay to just walk away when you realize the drama or their views are too much and causing chaos with your own inner peace.


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