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That Magical Moment in 2022

It’s so easy to get distracted from your goals with all of the online people ready to “help you succeed” by sharing the best way to do this or the best way to do that. Each person who helps or coaches others to thrive tends to have a ‘winning formula’ and of course, most of them have won in the means of financial freedom and living a life they desire (and usually love), but that ‘winning formula’ from what I’ve experienced is not always aligned for everyone.

You see, the biggest income-earning year I had came from me writing (okay so it was a Word document with Purple word art and printed, not typed) an income/revenue total on a piece of paper and actually doubling, or perhaps tripling that total in some months.

My method of reaching goals is to have a piece of paper with your goal written on it. This must be in a location where you see OFTEN throughout the day for it to work best.  See the note, feel the note, be the note.

Insane, right?

It’s true though.

I legit just woke up each day doing my writing work for clients without complaint.

I took daily walks to keep my mind from becoming scattered.

I spent time around my family and pets.

The other key to my success in being a writer has been to pause even if I feel like I should be working for more money here or there. The bills will continue to pile up, but your family, friends, and pets? They have an expiration date. Please pause for those precious moments, and watch as you become calmer and more productive when you work those entrepreneurial hours.

While financially things were tough at points, I still remained pretty grateful and focused on knowing that I would achieve this financial goal.

The funny thing is though as soon as I surpassed that financial goal I had in my face?

 And had to deal with the taxes and all of the other unexpectedness of earning more money?

I froze.

I let myself get scared.

This was “too hot” for me! You’ll hear many coaches talk about temperature. We get comfortable at a certain temperature and try to maintain that temperature using AC or heaters, blankets, hoodies, etc. This holds true for people trying to earn more revenue.

We all have a temperature or income level that we get “comfortable at”. Sadly this comfort level is what holds back most human beings from rising over that comfort level into an exciting & freeing new lifestyle.

I wanted to build a business, and I still do.

I still am building my writing and life coaching business.  

But my temperature was LOWER than what I made in 2022.

I wasn’t comfortable with this earning level.

Recognizing Your Comfort Level

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the freedom it brought for a short time, but my limited beliefs set me back … and I realized I wasn’t comfortable at this level of revenue.

As of that moment anyway.

The reason I can say this is because I felt myself get nervous, and I fell back to a previous year (a long while ago) when I had a business that made me less annual revenue, but I paid in more tax debt because I had to claim revenue that was ‘shared’ but not legally shared which put me into 19K+ debt that one year.

That was a big fiasco and wiped me out during a time when I was already pretty emotionally lost.

I am not even going to get into that story, it has no place here, but it did have to be mentioned briefly as I know that’s where my mind went when I saw the tax numbers in early 2023.

I think it’s imperative that we note where we are and what is holding us back so that we can grow from here.

I had to know why I am so timid about those earnings, and I have come to realize it isn’t about the “total earnings”, I think it’s more about the tax side. That’s why this year I decided to get a team behind me of people who can handle the money side, so I can just continue doing what I love and build the revenue back up beyond what I hit in 2022.

That truly is the key, my friends, to earning revenue and building a business. Knowing where your flaws are, or where the things you’re not so great at are. Hiring out people you can trust to do the business tasks you don’t want to do? That’s freedom, and it gives income to other families out there. That’s a win-win situation.

Not wanting to deal with the taxes and income part of a business isn’t a flaw, it’s something I don’t want to do, therefore it holds me back from being my best self … a fabulous writer and life coach.

A New Limited Belief Emerges

I will say that each time I hear people talking about how rich six-figure people are or how rich people are making all this revenue or corporations are bad and I am over here going … hmmm pretty sure my business is a corporation and these people who just don’t realize what they’re saying get stuck into my head like “I can’t be that person”.

I must make my business suffer, so that I don’t have to be “one of those guys”.


Rolls eyes.

I know that I am not that person.

I still can build my corporation up to a level where it is considered to be a legal corporation by the standards of accounting …. And be proud of it!

For I do help others.

I am not what others want to judge a corporation to be.

It’s so easy to let what someone else says ‘get stuck in your head’ please let those words go. We all speak of things that we haven’t experienced yet with a darker tone. This seems to be a natural human ego occurrence, but you can try to show up better and bite your tongue (not literally) each time you feel yourself JUDGING a situation that you’ve never been in (including corporate management life).

Just like I had to relearn “rich people suck” to be “rich people are beautiful & help the world” … I will have to relearn that corporations come in all shapes and sizes and can be a beautiful addition to any marketplace.

This is especially true when a corporation starts with the best of intentions for human kind and stays true to that core belief as they grow and continue to earn more money.

Here’s a little note to those who think six figures is fabulous – we pay higher taxes, and we are still suffering from inflation right now. So much so, that I lost 50K in revenue dealing with the mindset of feeling like 6 figures wasn’t what I expected … I thought it would be more freeing.

It was for a short time, thank God for that season.

It’s gone now, and I had to take that hit to learn my comfort level and what I don’t know about business revenue growth. With that said, I will build my business back, rise, and have a team behind me who can do their favorite tasks for a decent wage, and we work together to survive while we wait for the inflation stuff to break, and times to change.

Hold on tight, follow along, …. You’re in for a ride. Xoxo

Moments truly are magic. May my story today help you overcome a small challenge you face today! Please share this story with a friend to help them find a way through … because we’re all in this together and every little piece of information and inspiration can help.


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