That One Time We Cleared Land

I have had so many new experiences in the last 10 years or so of my life. Some of the experiences are so interesting, that I figured maybe I would start sharing some of the fun we have here in NH. At some point in the last five years, the idea of homesteading became more of a goal and reality concept for us.

That’s when we watched all of the videos, read many books and articles, as well as asked friends online about their homesteading experiences. I’ve learned so much about becoming more self-sufficient and feel more of our society must learn how to do as much as possible on their own.

Some of the more important things I feel every New Hampshire person should learn how to do on their own, even if they’re not doing it full-time are:

These are just a few of the important things that I feel every person who lives in New Hampshire should know how to do. While I never cut the trees, I did take part in clearing some land that we thought would be ideal for a future homestead.

Spoiler Alert! It wasn’t the right fit for the season in parenting life. Sadly.

But, we still had a blast, and today I wanted to share some of the adventure Justin and I had while cleaning some of this land to build a beautiful road to the future homestead concept.

After the purchase of this parcel of land, we would spend weekends here or at least one weekend day cleaning the area by cutting trees, but first, we had to figure out where on the map our right of way aka the access road was actually allowed to go.

You see, this area was all trees before the purchase. It had trees everywhere, you could not see the location of the land from the end of this particular private road. You had to walk through the trail in the woods to gain access to the land owned by us.

And we had dreams, big dreams! The land was for sure going to be a perfect spot to start a homestead. We’d live in a tiny home or motorhome setting for a bit, it would be difficult but between Justin, me, and our sons? We’d be fine.

One thing about Justin and I is that we always take care of our family, even during the harder co-parenting in separate household years. I was confident if anyone could succeed, it would be us.

The problem was … we didn’t account for the inability to know any contractors in the area who could build an actual good road. We didn’t know much about doing it ourselves, as in driving the machinery or getting the dirt there.

So we had to hire someone to do the road, and well, they did something, but we cannot call it a road for it still needs work. It wasn’t built to the standards that we VERBALLY agreed to and so … it still sat there unable to be driven on except maybe a sunny day or four-wheel drive.

We learned to get a contract in the future when working with any contractor. He seemed decent enough of a person and apparently does a lot of the work over in that area, but we didn’t have a good experience in fact, he went backward on what the plan was and didn’t ultimately do what we had discussed, even though he did a lot – it was paused and never completed for he said we said something different and so forth … you know how it goes when you don’t get a contract. And if you don’t know? Then never experience it by always using a written contract with any service online or in real life.

During this same season, after a year since our previous landlord had passed away, we learned that his adult kids wanted this house and so we had to move. During all of these changes, one teenager got a steady job about an hour from our land, while the other teen eventually got a job about 40 minutes or so from the land.

As you can see, a lot started to pile up showing us that living in this location and trying to have a solid access path for the winter or even spring season was simply not reasonable. We were upset! We’ve spent hours upon hours having a blast dreaming of the future property, but it just wasn’t lining up.

If anyone out there reading this knows me, then you know if something isn’t adding up, and the vibes showing me that this isn’t the correct option … I listen. After much discussion and chats, and evaluating our parenting responsibilities, and such; we had to come up with the right choice for our family based on factors that aren’t really for the public to get into.

What I do want to share, is the beautiful photos and journey we had during this step. The cutting of the trees, and piling them up made me stronger. It showed us that we can work together as a team in a different way beyond just parenting and that I should feel gratitude in every day for the selflessness that surrounds my sons and me in this season of life.

I really do feel at peace out there, however, I feel at peace any time I am out in nature away from electricity or regular ways of living.

I know within my whole soul that I will get my chance to live this way, but right now my job is to be a Mom and continue raising kids until they’ve gone on to start their lives, whatever that may be. (Hopefully, a community of us all living together and learning together as an extended family community unit)

At the end of the day? I am so very grateful for having this experience, and learning how to clear land in New Hampshire. It sure was so much fun and I would do it all over again.

God is good.

He has the perfect timing.

So I must learn to accept that and go with His timing.

Even if my ego says, NO, do it MY way.


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