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The 3 Steps To Help Reduce Your E-commerce Store’s Return Rate

Returns are an unavoidable reality when it comes to running an e-commerce store. You’ll have to get used to returns, especially after Christmas returns. Too many returns can take a big bite out of your profit margin.

Sometimes, what the customer thought they were buying isn’t what shows up at their door. Other times, it might not fit right, or it doesn’t look or feel like they thought it would. Knowing these reasons means that you can find ways to make sure they get what they want and are less likely to return their item. In this article, we will go over several ways to do this.

1 – Optimize images and descriptions

Goalsetting in e-commerce is often overlooked but one goal that just about every owner has is to limit the number of returns they get. One of the first steps is to optimize the images and descriptions of the products.

When customers understand what they’re getting, they’re less likely to send it back. Think of your online shop as a link between your products and your customers. The more details you share, the stronger this link is.

When you write about a product, answer questions a customer might ask. What material is it made of? How does it work? How big is it? Knowing these things makes customers more sure about their buy and less likely to be upset when they receive it.

Good pictures can tell a customer a lot about a product. High-quality photos let people see the product from every side and notice every detail. It’s almost like they can touch it. Some online stores also use videos, which can show the product being used.

2 – Focus on packaging

Good packaging is really important when you’re selling things online. Good packaging keeps the product safe while it travels to the customer. But when the packaging also looks nice, it makes customers happy even before they see what they bought.

Nobody likes getting something they bought online only to find it damaged. Using the right materials and making sure the product fits snugly in the box can prevent a lot of problems.

The packaging is also a chance to make a good impression. Imagine opening a package and finding your purchase nicely wrapped, maybe with a small thank-you note inside.

3 – Offer exceptional customer service

Great customer service is really important if you want to handle returns better and have fewer of them. Good customer service means always being ready to answer questions, fix problems, and make sure every customer feels heard.

Being quick to respond is a big part of great customer service. Answering questions that they have about a product can often lead to the customer realizing that they don’t need to send the product back.

There are times when a return is the only answer. When this happens, it’s important to make the return process simple and fair. But you can still make things better. Giving exchanges or store credits instead of just money back keeps the customer shopping with you.


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