I’ve been chatting about time management and time clock software a lot this year. While this has been an important topic for many years, it’s something that I’m more focused on in 2020.

You see, I’ve been using Time Clock Software to help me with time management. This software is an excellent way to stay on task, especially when you do multiple things in your line of work.

I love being more focused and intentional with my work time because it truly helps me create more of a balance between work and family life.

If you’re focused on 2020 being YOUR YEAR, then you’ll really want to take a look into time clock software. This is an excellent resource to have regardless of being an employee or an entrepreneur.

How do you track employee hours?

A frequently asked question is, “how do you track employee hours?” This question may be popular, but the answer is simple to me. Simply use time clock software.

Using time clock software allows you to track employees at the workplace as well as remote employees or independent contractors. When I assisted a few people in the past I’d use time clock software to prove how many hours I worked.

When you charge $50 plus per hour as an independent contractor, the clients want to have a way to know what you’re really doing during paid time.

Using time clock software allows you to keep track of your virtual assistant or employees with ease.

The Benefits of Time Clock Software

Eliminate Time Wasters

Another topic that I’m trying to address this year for entrepreneurs, work at home parents and employees is time wasters. Whether it’s surfing social media while hours pass by, or getting distracted with personal affairs, using time clock software helps eliminate time wasters.

When you use time clock software you’re more apt to stay on task during the time that your clock is running. This allows you to maximize work hours as well as be more efficient with the task at hand.

Increased Productivity

As I said above, using time clock software helps you stay on task and be more efficient with every task you complete. Increased productivity is an important part of being both an entrepreneur and an employee.

When you make the best use of your time, you’ll find that your workday goes by quickly and you feel more confident due to a higher level of productivity.

Faster Return on Investment

I discussed the ROI for blogging not that long ago. Since my background includes being an administrative assistant at various companies for many years, starting in my Junior year of high school – I am all about return on investment.

In this case, we’re discussing ROI for time spent. Using time clock software helps get a faster return on investment. You’ll have fewer wasted work minutes and in turn, make more money for the time you do work!

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

William Penn

Why is time management important to an entrepreneur?

I’ve been working for myself since 2006. This means I have experienced a lot of trial and error along the way. I had a traumatic experience that also had me getting into business with someone who ultimately committed a crime against me.

This led me down the path of learning to have a written business contract in place. That business was verbally said to be 50/50 but since I had no proof that our business was indeed 50/50 I ended up 1) paying taxes on his portion of the revenue and 2) having to give up my part of that business I helped build.

In 2019, I was homeless for five months. This led me down a path of losing a lot of income. I was doing my best to make time management important as an entrepreneur, but when you’re sleeping in tents, a hotel room and your vehicle off and on through the duration of a five-month period – you lose income.

When it comes to being in a rental home that costs $1500 per month, nevermind the $300+ oil bill for heat every 20 days, and over $200 electric bill plus the $90 internet bill so I can work and homeschool, time management has to be a priority.

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Have Goals in Mind

The first tip I have for time management tips for entrepreneurs is to have goals in mind. Write down your business goals, income goals, and needs so that you have a vision for your daily work hours.

Use Time Clock Software

Always use some form of time clock software to stay focused on each task during your workday. I love using a time clock software that I put into categories. I use a different timer for each task category to ensure I’m focused on only “checking emails” or “writing blog posts” when that time clock software is tracking hours for said tasks.

Remove Distractions

As I said, I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2006 and with that came some learning lessons. One huge thing that I am adamant about telling entrepreneurs to deal with is to remove distractions. Create a routine and enforce it with everyone in your home. Put your cell phone on silent. Do whatever it takes to remove all distractions during your work hours.

Be Confident

Finally, you must be confident about your work hours. If you truly want to master time management as an entrepreneur then you must be confident about your work hours, your skills, and your rates. Being confident will help you maximize productivity and feel more in control of your work hours.

In conclusion, using time clock software truly helps employees and entrepreneurs regain control of their work hours. I highly recommend you start using some form of time tracking software to ensure you’re making the most of your daily work hours.

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