The Best Activities to Give Your Kids Confidence

Lacking confidence or self-esteem is a normal thing for children to experience at any age. Even a child who at one point seemed outgoing and confident can sometimes become shy and reluctant to put themselves out there. Some children are also more naturally reserved and less inclined to be outgoing. Building your child’s confidence helps to give them the ability to engage in different activities, enter new environments, and make friends on their own. Building confidence takes time, but there are lots of ways you can help your child to gain confidence. One of the best things that you can do is find an extracurricular activity that they enjoy.

When you’re looking for the right extracurriculars, talk to your child about what they would like to do.

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Music or Drama Activities

Performance-based activities or anything related to music or drama can be a great way to get your child to come out of their shell. It might not seem like a great choice for a shy child or a child lacking in confidence, but it can really encourage them to be a bit more outgoing. You might sign your child up for music lessons or a music group where they can do musical activities with other children. Joining a choir or glee club could be fun for some children too. Theater and drama activities are also excellent choices for children who like to act and play pretend and could benefit from something to build their confidence.

Art Lessons

Creative children might enjoy various art-based activities. There might be art clubs at school or you could look for other classes or clubs to join. There are different options that could be available and different art forms to try out. For example, there are drawing or painting classes or your child might like to try something like pottery, jewelry making, sewing, knitting, or arts and crafts. There are lots of different things to try, and you can often try out one session or a small block of sessions to see if your child enjoys it.

Sports and Athletics

There are plenty of options for sports and athletic activities that might help your child to gain confidence. It doesn’t have to be anything competitive, although there are opportunities to get involved with competitive sports too. You might consider children’s gymnastics classes if you have a child who is keen to learn. Or there are team sports that you could look at, such as football or basketball. Sports don’t have to involve a lot of pressure, and they can give your child to express themselves in a different way and make new friends.


Another way for your child to get active might be to attend dancing lessons or a dancing group or club. There are lots of different types of dancing and different types of activities to join, from more formal lessons to clubs that are just for fun. Some dancing might involve dancing as a group, others could involve pairs dancing or individual performances. Whether you choose ballet, salsa, or Irish dancing, it can be a fun way for your child to gain confidence. It’s also a great way to be active and keep fit, and there might be opportunities for performances or competitions.

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School Clubs

Your child’s school will often offer lots of great extracurricular activities, and many of them will be related to subjects they study at school. There might be a science club, art club, photography club, math club, or various other options. The advantage of going to one of these clubs is that your kid will be with their school peers. They might be in a club with friends, classmates, or teachers they already know. And it can give them the opportunity to get to know people at school in a familiar environment.

Outdoor Adventures

If you have an adventurous child, there are some outdoorsy activities that they might like to try. Joining groups like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or Eagle Scouts – or any other similar group – is a great option for children who like the outdoors. It can help to build their confidence in multiple ways, teaching them new skills, helping them to be more independent, and encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone too. There are all kinds of activities involved, so it’s great for a child who likes to try new things or can’t settle on one activity. Help to boost your child’s confidence with these activities, and you can help to give them a better sense of self


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