The Best Airbnb Dry Camping Site

On a transition from one lifestyle to another, we decided to rent out a campsite for one week. This would be a vacation, alongside a little test for our antique motorhome to see how well the systems work in it. We wanted to prepare for the next adventure in our family life, which will be shared later on.

For now, I just have to tell you about the best Airbnb dry camping site ever! You get to camp near this amazing view of a … rocket!

For some reason, I cannot find the link to this Airbnb rental on the site to link directly to it in this blog post. What you need to do is search on Airbnb for Warren, NH and then look for places that are lower priced and that are dry camping if you can look for a good keyword.

The view of the rocket during the daytime hours is within the listing of Warren, NH Dry Camping site. This is a small parcel of land dead center of town. You will have no bathrooms, water, or sewer hookups. You can pop up a tent, or motorhome and pets are welcome.

They do have a fire pit where you can make a campfire after 5pm, and a restaurant next-door, as well as a second diner about .9 miles away from the dry camping site. We stayed here in our 1977 GMC Motorhome Kingsley with our two teen sons and dogs, along with a 12 foot by 8 foot tent for one son to use as the camper isn’t that fun for all of us to use along with 2 dogs.

The younger teen preferred a tent, so we got him this big one!

The only thing we had issues with is that the dogs got a bit overstimulated, mainly our younger one. He eventually got more acclimated, on the final day of course.

The diner has excellent food, we had a breakfast and a lunch there. Calamity Janes is what it is called.

While this site has no potty or water and sewer options, you can walk across the street to the town common near the rocket. There is a port-a-potty there and I saw one a bit further down the way at an ice cream place (that’s currently closed for the season).

There are also many views to see along this ATV trail that the campsite is near. I found out a new term, “dry camping” which is what this site is. The price is cheap, I am not sure what the price is during peak camping season, but our price was a bit over a couple hundred bucks for just shy of one week.

Walking the trail provides you with some amazing views, especially during fall foliage season. The town is friendly, and the diner we went to has small town charm. We enjoyed our stay and highly recommend everyone do a dry camping night or two, just for the experience.

It will make you more grateful for all of the amenities and abundance you DO have in your every day life. Life is all about switching up your experiences to gain a newfound perspective on how good we really do have it in this season of human history.

Be well. Have fun. Bee kind.


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