We’ve all had quite some time to get used to life in lockdown. Most of us are adhering it to one degree or another, living smaller lives than we might have been at the start of the year and, although you might have gotten used to being kept in from the rest of the world, it’s only reasonable that you might still get bored from time to time.

For that reason, we’re going to look at some games you and the family can easily play once-in-a-while to help make the time a little easier to pass.

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Classic board games

Boardgames may not be as popular with kids nowadays as they were with our generation, but that’s something that we have the opportunity to change now that, for better or worse, we’re all cooped up together.

Check out some of the huge range of board games there are out there, whether it’s something as contentious as Monopoly or something that gets players making long term strategies like Splendor.

Word games

Perhaps you want to make sure that you and your kids alike are getting intellectually stimulated while still competed. Games like Scrabble are fantastic for that, challenging you to be creative with language and improving your ability to recall words at will.

There are online tools that can help you find hints, like looking up seven letter words, to help you improve your abilities, as well. Take it as an opportunity to learn, not just play.

Social deduction games

These types of games are much better suited for families with slightly older kids (adolescents and up), as well as families with more kids. These games, like Mafia or Werewolf, usually involve each player having a secret (such as working to secretly eliminate players), and each player trying to figure out the motive and identity of the other players so they can vote them out to protect their side.

Among Us is a recent video game version of the social deduction game that can be easily played for free on smartphones, too.

Dancing games

Other video games, like Just Dance, can help your family stay healthy by implementing another part of life that’s easy to forget about in quarantine: we’re talking about staying fit.

Getting your kids amped up for a dance party in the home, whether you have the help of a video game or one of the many online dance videos for kids found on YouTube can help you really lose those extra quarantine pounds.

Card games

When it comes to passing the time and pure competition, there really are few replacements for card games. Hours can dissolve away pretty easily whether you’re playing Solitaire, Go Fish, or Uno.

They’re designed for endless replayability so, once you get the kids to take part, you might find it easy to keep them entertained all the while.

Hopefully, the examples above help you find your new family funtivities to keep everyone sane, active, entertained. If not, perhaps they’ll give you some inspiration for games you can play on your own.

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