The Family Hikes are So #worthit

I am not sure if I should put a hashtag in my blog posts or not, but here I am putting a hashtag #worthit into my blog post title here on my little New Hampshire Lifestyle blog today.


Because I can.

Have you ever gone on a family hike? Are you into the great outdoors? Do you enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of nature in a tent?

If not, then perhaps this post isn’t for you.

However, if you are that person or considering to become that person?

Continue reading to learn more about why I rate family hikes as a 10 on a 1-10 scale when 10 is the bestest it could ever get.

Family Hikes Equal Time Together Without Screens

My first reason for ranking family hikes as number 10 on the family ranking scale is that they are a valuable way to spend quality time together without screens. I mean, obviously, I take photographs. Like this fun one below …

But I am not on there surfing the internet, sharing online, or doing much of anything other than utilizing my smartphone as a camera. We enjoy so many fun conversations on these hikes from real-life chats to imagination discussions to curiosity questions about things like the caves we find or the mica we find on the hikes.

Soothes the Soul

We came from this soil and are connected to it! I firmly believe that God has all creations connected and that means that I believe we are all energetic beings aka spiritual beings having a human experience. Nature hikes help us reconnect to Source.

This time in the woods with my family is a time for me to feel calm, peaceful, and joy as I reconnect with the natural world around me. I love it when we take a hike near water sources, as that’s even more soothing for the soul. During this time, the whole family has this calm about them that you simply cannot mimic easily in other conditions.

Forget About Your Worries

All I know is that when I am out there hiking in the great woods of New England is that I feel like I have no other worries or stressors to think about. During this peaceful time in the woods, I am reminded to live in the moment.

I hike up those mountain trails without fear, worry, or stress in my heart. I just feel calm and ready to enjoy this very moment that God has given me on this Earth with my family out in the woods.

If you haven’t tried hiking in the New England woods, I highly suggest you give it a try.

I recommended this 1.1-mile hike on my Facebook Page. Have a peek at it and try it out if you’re in the Newbury, NH area during the warmer months.


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