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The Fitness Watch That Saved My Butt

I’ve had high blood pressure issues for a bit, my doctor was thankfully kind enough to allow me to try my own methods, before opting for any medications. You see, I like to ask questions and when she said high blood pressure and you should take these medications … I was like, “Well if I take this or that, what are the chances that I end up having to take it the rest of my life?”

I personally feel we should ask more questions of our doctors and nurses. Many of them are just going by the book or experiences they’ve had. And that’s not always the right or first choice for everyone 😏

The answers varied based on the options, but the overall consensus was that if I took the meds made to be high blood pressure medications instead of a ‘water pill’ as they call it, then yes I would probably be on it for the rest of my life.😯

No, thank you!

I knew that if my body was experiencing high blood pressure, then it meant something in my life was causing it. Surely it could have been as simple as stress, wrong frequency environments (aka people around me), smoking cigarettes (I was a smoker back then), or other lifestyle choices. As the various tests I’ve had done over the years didn’t point to anything that would make sense for the high BP as it pertains to health issues or conditions.

I just had high blood pressure.

I say it’s because I’m just so full of energy that my heart is like, “Slow down lady Jane” but really, I think it had to do with a lot of different factors. With that being said, I did try a water pill (Diuretic) at first just to see if it would help. My doctor even said it might help with the water retention I tend to have in my left leg, but this medication didn’t change my blood pressure or anything else.

The next culprit could be eating choices, so I’ve seen the DASH diet to try and of course, shedding some weight would be could. I gained about 90lbs with my first pregnancy, that was over 21 years ago 😂 and I still haven’t lost all of those extra pounds my body put on.

I have lost some, but not all. So over the years, I’ve made various changes, such as quitting smoking, and now eating healthier each year. I try to adjust my eating habits slightly every 6-12 months paying careful attention to what food seems to fuel my body best.

And luckily, the blood pressure has been going down.

But, the last time I had my doctor check my blood pressure was to get permission to have a few teeth pulled. You see, my blood pressure was high in the dentist’s office so they didn’t want to touch me without me seeing my doctor.

I went, and low and behold …. my little fitness watch SAVED MY BUTT.


Because the funny thing is that now I have my blood pressure under control in almost all situations, it is not under control in the doctor’s office.


my doctor says I now have what’s called white coat high blood pressure.

This essentially means that doctors get my blood boiling 🤣

I am kidding. I actually really like doctors and my doctor is pretty cool.

But … leave it to me to get the all clear and then start having this trouble only because I’m anxious being in the doctor’s office for some unknown reason.

With all that being said, my friends, this little fitness watch that only cost about $40 something dollars on Amazon saved my butt!

Because I use it to track my sleep and blood pressure, the doctor could see my “normal” testing of BP over the last month or two before this appointment. Then she checked my watch against the BP machine in the office, and what do you know? My BP is fine most of the time.

So, that normal reading of my fitness watch just doing it’s thang? Was what made my doctor see that it was OK to get those teeth pulled, and she was comfortable singing a release to let them know I merely have something called “white coat high blood pressure” now.


So, if you want to know what the watch is, you can go see the deets here on Amazon, just click to visit the product page and learn more about the fitness watch that saved my butt. And don’t forget, you should have your watch checked with the nurses’ station at your doctor’s office so that you know the difference between their number and the watch’s number for accuracy.

There’s a term for that, but my mind has lost the term …. it will come to me. Basically, it helps ensure your watch readings are relative to the doctor’s readings for accuracy.


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