The Secret To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

The Secret To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venues

A wedding is a milestone event in everyone’s lives. It is no wonder that people prefer to get married to the love of their life amidst family and friends at a beautiful venue. In fact, the wedding venues sets the tone of the entire wedding.

This is why many couples find it daunting to pick out a wedding venues. Nailing down the basics of your wedding ahead of picking out your venue will be a great help according to the experts in the wedding industry.

It also helps you finalize several other decisions like an indoor or outdoor wedding, budget, and how many people to invite, and so on.

The Secret To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect venue for your dream wedding:

Choose the General Location of the Wedding

While traditionally weddings used to be held in the bride’s hometown, things have changed a lot nowadays. People are choosing to have a wedding in the city where they work, the groom’s hometown, the favorite vacation spot or even have a destination wedding.

It is a lot easier to plan a wedding in your hometown, but a destination wedding also offers plenty of advantages. Once you narrow down the general location of your wedding, you will be able to nail down other decisions more easily.

Decide the Budget

A wedding can be held on a small or a big budget. However, deciding a budget comes to the forefront in deciding the wedding venue. You will be able to find different kinds of venues at different prices depending on how big or small it is, where it is located, how many people it can accommodate if it offers catering services and so on.

Once you decide on your wedding budget, you will be able to pay closer attention to venues that fall within your budget and make your decision wisely.

Estimate your Guest Count

While you might want to invite every single person you know to your wedding, that is not exactly a good idea. Wedding venues often have a pre-set number of people it can accommodate.

This is not flexible. So you will need to ensure that your guest list is aligned with this number. It is a good idea for the bride and the groom to sit down with their respective families and come up with a list of guests.

The experts at, suggest including a few additional seats for unexpected guests.  People also come with a plus one even they had replied in the nay when they RSVP’d.

Pick out  a Wedding Theme

After you have the location, budget and guest list under control, you need to start thinking about the wedding theme next. Deciding the themes makes it easier to pick out a wedding venue.

For example, if you want an outdoor ceremony near the beach at sunset, you can look for resorts that have private beaches and so on.

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Once you have narrowed down all the details mentioned above, you will find it a lot easier to find a wedding venues. The next step will be checking for available dates and then finalizing your wedding date.


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