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The Top Essential Oil Direct Sales Companies

Essential oils are a very popular topic, especially in recent times. They’re a great way to get amazing benefits from a simple ingredient. However, with the likelihood of essential oils being impure, poorly processed, or generally not sold in the way they should; it’s hard to know what companies are the best or most trustworthy.

If you’re interested in direct sales companies either for your own purchases or to sell with them and want to learn about good companies that work with essential oils, this is the place for you.

Here are some of the top essential oil direct sales companies you should know about.


Purely is a really good company that works with essential oils for many different products and sales. You can work through Purely and purchase or receive a starter kit. When you sell through Purely, you earn a commission of 25-35% of your sales, and when someone works for you through them you earn aa 9% commission from that person’s sales as well.

 NYR Organic

The products include health and beauty related items as well as essential oils, cosmetics, and more. There are many starter kits to choose from when starting off through their company in direct sales. You can earn a baseline 25% commission as well as the ability to increase that by 5-15% and earn a commission from other sellers that work through you.


DoTerra offers single essential oils, oil blends, supplements, and much more through their company. If you choose to work with this brand as a direct sales consultant, you can purchase a larger volume kit for $150-250 or pay $35 to enroll and receive 25% discounts on any products you purchase as well as earn a 25% commission from your sales.

It’s really important to know about a company before you pursue purchasing from them or becoming a direct sales consultant that works for them. This is especially true with products that can be easily made incorrectly or not the best quality such as essential oils.

Hopefully, this can give you some of that valuable information about the best essential oil direct sales companies to keep in mind in your future.

Essential oils in direct sales or any business are really profitable because of how many uses they have and how popular it is to use or purchase them.

Essential Oil Direct Sales FAQ

What is the best essential oil brand?

DoTerra is ranked in the top 5 of the best essential oil brands. DoTerra offers single essential oils, oil blends, supplements, and much more through their company. 

What direct sales company is the most profitable?

If you’re looking to join the most profitable direct sales company, well you’d want to join Tupperware, Mary Kay or Herbalife. With that being said, the most profitable direct sales company’s are probably saturated with direct sale reps, so be selected with which direct sales company you go with.

What essential oil is good for attracting money?

It’s said that sandalwood is the best essential oil for attracting money. Followed by Myrrh, Frankincense, and ginger.

Article written by Jax. Jax is a 2020 high school graduate who enjoys being outdoors, exploring, and many niche topics. Jax is Brandy Ellen’s firstborn child & a part-time virtual assistant and content writer. You can find Jax on Instagram and YouTube.


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  1. I know many people say that essential oils are super helpful for a lot of reasons. It is nice to know the top selling brands.

  2. I love using essential oils. It’s nice to be able to use them with so many different things. DoTerra is the only one I’ve heard of on this list. It’s a great company too.

  3. I love essential oils so this is very useful. I buy from a friend of mine who lives near me. It’s sort of her side hustle, but I should also expand.

  4. Jennifer Van Haitsma

    I love essential oils, and get mine from Young Living currently, but am always open to other options. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. I have a few essential oils from DoTerra but have never tried the others. I’ll have to check them out as I love trying new oils, especially during fall and the holidays.

  6. I don’t use a lot of essential oils because (and this is weird) using them in the diffuser gives my cat allergies. But, I love the fragrances!

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