I overheard my sons talking about which hotel they preferred over the course of our New England travel time in the summer of 2019, and this hotel seems to be the one that won. The debate went on between the complimentary breakfast options, to the pool, to the comfortable rooms, and so on until finally, the youngest child reached his decision.

White River Inn & Suites won his vote, mostly due to the indoor hotel and amazing complimentary breakfast options. 

White River Inn & Suites

The Spacious Rooms

We recently spent the night in a regular room instead of a suite at White River Inn & Suites. This was a great experience as it allowed us to get a feel for what their other room options are like. 

White River Inn & Suites 1 Bedroom Suite

We opted for two beds, as you can see above. The regular rooms have a mini-refrigerator, television, microwave, and access to the outdoors through a patio door (or private balcony if you’re not on a ground-level floor). There’s also a small table, private bathroom, and sink area. A small table to sit at for meals, and enough room to walk around without stepping on each other. 

The kitchen and dining area in one of the suites at White River Inn & Suites

The suites have one bedroom with two beds and a large closet. You’ll have a living room and kitchen open concept. The kitchen has a stove and all you need to make family meals. This was a bonus for us after we had spent a few weeks camping, we welcomed having a kitchen space again.

the work space in the living room with a balcony facing the parking lot. Each room has a secondary door leading to the back of the hotel or the front parking lot.

Mountain Views

If you get a room on the backside of the White River Inn & Suites, then you’ll be able to see mountain views. This photo above was taken during one of our stays here. The boys were looking out over the field to watch a baby deer that we happened to spot one morning.

The hallway leading to our room at White River Inn & Suites

Eat Regular Food

While you may not consider mac-n-cheese a regular food option, the youngest child does! During our time at the White River Inn & Suites, he loved whipping up some mac-n-cheese. This is a dish you can make in the full kitchen while staying in a suite or the smaller rooms via the microwave.

The indoor pool featuring my youngest son getting into the water with his swimming goggles.

Indoor Pool

White River Inn & Suites has an indoor pool that allows us to get some daily exercise plus spend quality time together. Our sons learned to swim and do a backflip while staying at the White River Inn & Suites due to having access to their indoor swimming pool. 

The indoor pool at White River Inn & Suites allows us to enjoy some quality family time together as we see who can swim the fastest across the pool.

My sons with their Dad in the indoor pool at White River Inn and Suites

Sleeper Sofa in Living Room

We were able to have a sleeper sofa in the living room at the White River Inn and Suites suite room. This is where my hubs and I slept while our sons got to sleep in the two bed bedroom. This sleeper sofa was pretty comfortable! We did get some good sleep on this sleeper sofa.

My hubs and I after swimming in the indoor pool at White River Inn and Suites

Bellhops Or Similar Available

I’m not really sure what to call this, but I loved feeling fancy with the bellhop-like thing that allowed us to easily carry our belongings up to our room. We would often stay on the second floor or third floor of this building which means using the elevator to get upstairs.

This is what I am calling the bellhop, not sure the appropriate name!

These bellhops are able to hold a lot of stuff, just be careful trying to steer them! I was all over the place and lost my privilege of being able to push them to the rooms during our various stays at White River Inn and Suites during our 2019 summer. Ha!

The sink and toilet in the bathroom at White River Inn and Suites

Large Bathroom in Suites

Lastly, the bathroom in the suites is rather large. The showers and tubs were slightly different from room to room but overall the bathroom had ample room to get your daily shower in and cleaned up to enjoy the day or hit the bed, for those who shower before bedtime.

The shower/bath with toilet in a room at White River Inn & Suites

Complimentary Breakfast

I was bummed years back when Dunkin Donuts stopped making onion bagels. I loving nothing more than a good toasted onion bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, but alas, I’ve had to go without. That is until we stayed at White River Inn & Suites! They have bagels, bread, English muffins, blueberry muffins, banana nut muffins, waffles, juice, coffee, and so much more available to enjoy as part of their complimentary breakfast. {Some things only available during the weekends}

White River Inn & Suites complimentary breakfast also runs later on weekends, so you get to sleep in a little bit. 

My sons standing in the parking lot at White River Inn and Suites

Gill Area with Seating

Just outside the indoor pool area, White River Inn & Suites has a few places to sit outdoors with a grill for use by the guests. I’ve seen one man, in particular, cook a steak out there on the grill and bring it into his room. I know that sounds delicious to me and is a huge bonus to anyone looking to stay in the New England area while checking out New England travel destinations

Sights to See

Speaking of New England travel destinations, there’s plenty to see and experience in the White River Junction, Vermont area. The train station is just down the road from the White River Inn & Suites. We were able to catch an Amtrak train picking up and dropping off passengers. We also saw this older train that you can walk over to and check out. You can also drive a little bit down the road towards Cornish, NH to dip your feet in the Connecticut River. 

Overall the White River Inn & Suites provides our family with everything we need in one spot. Not far from this hotel you’ll find a gas station, a Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, and a Chinese Buffett. I’m pretty sure these are all part of the reasons why this hotel in Vermont got all of our youngest child’s votes for the best hotel in the New England travel area. 

If you’re ready to check out White River Inn & Suites then you can click here to see if they have any openings. This hotel is located in White River Junction, VT.

Not looking for a hotel? Click here to visit VRBO and rent something a bit more private.

What county is White River Junction in?

White River Junction is in Windsor County, Vermont, USA.

What is the zip code for White River Junction Vermont?

The zip code for White River Junction Vermont is 05001

What's the best Hotel in Vermont with Indoor Pool?

The bets hotel in vermont with an indoor pool is White River Inn & Suites. Our family stayed here often during the five months we were homeless in 2019.

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