These Teen Years Are Something Else

I just realized that, after having three kids, I haven’t taught one kid how to drive. I don’t even think I taught my firstborn because while they did drive with me, they learned how to drive at an earlier age with their Dad. The middle child is reluctant to get into a car with me again as I did try to teach him one day but umm, I never showed him where the blinker or anything was.

I legit just showed him the brake pedal, and gas, and said here drive up the hill to our house which was like a few feet ahead after the hill, but I never did show him anything else and started saying, “Ok turn the blinker on” and it overwhelmed his brain, I think.

So, now I am with the youngest of my three, who is about to be 16, and has requested that he try a lot of the experiences of teenage life; such as getting his license at age 16. He will be the first of my three to get his license earlier, and the second kid to take a driver’s ed course.

I am working with him a lot more and realized, oh, this is a first for me, too!

Thank God he has a lot of logic, reasoning, and common sense, for this makes the process a lot easier. What doesn’t make the process easier, is that he is a little speed demon much like his Father. 😏 Luckily, he catches the rig when it starts going too fast, and stays within the speed limit because he knows he is still earning and must respect the road rules.

I’d say respect road rules forever, but I know how we all can get, mostly these boys and men I know, after they’ve established their driver’s license.

Here in New Hampshire, a teen doesn’t need any special permit. Once your child is age 15 and a half they can drive with an adult age 25 or older. Click here to learn more about the NH driving laws for teenagers.

So, as soon as the youngest was old enough, he sported his non-driver ID and we’ve been practicing driver ever since. So far, he is fine going down this 30 mph road we live on back and forth, and soon enough I will be ready to have him try his hand at driving to work which involves traffic lights, 50mph zones, and more.

At each step we do a new task so that he is learning at a steady pace that results in a good driver come age 16 when he passes driver’s ed and gains a driver’s license in NH. I am not going got say that I am excited, as this is the baby of the family.

He is my last child and so all of these first are hitting a bit harder. They are my “last” firsts as a kid, and it’s tough some days when I really pause to think about this. That’s why I am embracing each moment I do have. I am grateful for every new day and experience. I am doing little to disrupt the peaceful nature of our life right now so that we can all enjoy the next few years before the BABY of the family is an adult.

I swear, these teen years are something else. So many new things to do, experience, and new ways to let go and let live.


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