Things to do in White River Junction, VT

Summer break is here, and the Covid-19 pandemic seems to have gotten under control with the ongoing vaccination process, almost throughout the world, especially around The United States. With travel restrictions easing up and the world locked in their homes for the past year, it is high time for everyone to take a breather and go on a vacation.

Perhaps, White River Junction is the perfect place to discover in a much-needed break, full of liveliness, fresh air, nature, and numerous historical artifacts to look at.

White River Junction is a little village given its area covering about 4 km square land. It is in the town of Hartford in Windsor County, Vermont, United States of America. When vacationing in White River Junction, there are a lot of things to explore. And what makes it great is that it is not boring for literally anyone – it offers at least something or another for each individual, making sure everybody is just as involved in the beauty of this village.

The wide variety of activities in White River Junction, Vermont, include going to legendary science centers, theatres, and historical attractions. It even takes into consideration all foodies by offering great restaurants and charming inns. For nature lovers, there are gorgeous campsites, hiking, and biking trails that run along stunning lakes and rivers, which by the way, are open for swimming and canoeing. Doesn’t this sound too serene for a vacation?

There is just so much to do and see in this area. You’ll have to enjoy a stay at White River Inn & Suites for the best accommodations in VT during your trip.

From covered bridges to rivers and old trains, this town brings so much fun for the whole family to enjoy!

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To elaborate on the options above, take a look at the top 6 things to do when traveling to White River Junction, Vermont:

1.Enjoy a Theatrical Production at the Northern Stage

Northern Stage will help you kill about 2-3 hours of your day, filled with ecstasy and delight. Northern Stage is a theatre company operating in White River Junction to entertain its guests with world-class performances and productions – set in educational and outreach programs. The theatre was established in 1997, and since then, it creates opportunities for about 50,000 community members every year.

The Northern Stage captivates the audience’s attention by giving them high-quality classical productions, musicals, and world premieres. It offers all-rounded, vibrant education in the field of dramatics too. The education program is open for all ages exposing them to professional training for their entertainment journeys.
Visitors say that the theatre is “intimate and clean,” and the productions have been compared to Broadway, indicating that it is probably a good idea to go to the Northern Stage while at White River Junction!

2. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane by Going to the Vermont Toy Museum

Ever since Toys R Us closed down, adults have been missing going to massive toy stores, and perhaps this museum is just what they need to recover!

The Vermont Toy Museum aims to allow adults to reminisce about their childhood toys. It displays toys dating back to the 1800s and has them from every decade ever since, ranging till the current decade! The toys range from cast iron to tins, action figures, and most importantly: Star Wars, Cracker Joes, and all heroes from our childhoods. So yes, it is basically a museum of old toys which is definitely worth visiting!

3. Travel Through the Vermont Rail System

You would be surprised to know that the Vermont Trail System is America’s first privately owned railroad which actually functions on a publicly owned right of way. The Rail System has a historical edge to it, too, since it runs on the abandoned Rutland Railroad laid down in 1963. But not to worry, it is still completely safe!

Today it runs through the Green Mountain Railroad, Washington County Railroad Connecticut Division, and Washington County Railroad Montpelier. It additionally goes through the Barre Division, New York and Ogdensburg Railroad, Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad. And lastly, the Vermont Railway.

The clean, modern, and comfortable trains are surely worth a trip, and the best part is that passengers say that they have decent lavatories. Passenger services operated by the Vermont Rail System offer seasonal excursions and dinner trains as well!

4. Quechee Gorge – Vermont’s own Grand Canyon

Quechee Gorge’s gap is 165 feet deep, and it is the deepest Gorge in Vermont. It is a very popular tourist attraction in the Quechee State Park. Because of its calmness and natural beauty circling the water gap, the locals call Quechee Gorge ‘Vermont’s Grand Canyon.’ It can easily be accessed and viewed from the U.S. Route 4 Bridge. To add to the attraction and splendor, on either side of the gorge are also trails.

About 13000 years ago, before the Ice Age, Quechee was also covered by glaciers, and the melting waters that have cut through the bedrock ridge have become the magnificent gorge that it is today. The site is a perfect picnic spot for anyone who wants to enjoy nature for a while. Hiking and walking trails are also present for the more active folks. Quechee Gorge guarantees a mind-opening experience for pretty much anyone!

5. River Roost Brewery – Small but with Great Beer

If you are looking for a tasteful night during your stay at White River Junction, Vermont, then River Boost Brewery is the place to be!

River Boost Brewery is quite recent – it started in 2016, and since then, it has been rolling out perfumed, hop-forward, and strong-flavored beers. All the deliciously tasting beer is brewed in 10 BBL batches, which makes it extraordinary. It also offers tastings on tap and cans to go for your cravings later. The brewery is visible from the joint itself, making it more fascinating and inviting. Customers have also added that their new creations are fun to try.

6. All must Head to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science

The institute is famous for enriching people with locally relevant and exciting environmental knowledge and education to its audience. The Vermont Institute of Natural Science offers environmental science concepts and hands-on experience with birds to instill care in people for nature and the local natural ecosystems.

A trip to the institute will typically include entry to exhibit, forest canopy walk, and nature trails. To spread education, one will also go through an outdoor classroom and 17 State of the Art Bird Enclosures. There is also a nature store with gifts, beverages, and snacks, to help you take back souvenirs and enjoy your time at the open picnic areas. Sometimes, there are special events and classes held by the institute, too – the schedules for those can be found on their website. Running since 1972, it has for sure become an eye-opener for all visitors!

White River Junction – although, sounds like a small village with nothing to do, it, in fact, has loads of things to do! These are just the top 6 things; there are plenty more you can get engaged in as well. So if you’re planning a trip to White River Junction, take the hit and go!


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