Tips and Ideas for Small Business Marketing

Small businesses offer much to the local community from jobs and innovation to other opportunities that the larger corporations just can’t match. With small businesses comes the need for creative business marketing, though. Most of us small eggs don’t have the insane budgets that larger corporations have.

We start with this small pool of funds that we gradually increase unless something goes viral and in that case – we expand our income rather quickly. With that being said, it’s imperative the small businesses have more small business marketing tips and ideas to peruse. This helps you build a stronger, more reliable, and profitable small business.

I was reading this article from Common Thread Collective to learn a bit more about small business marketing, which made me think of some ideas on my own. I’m going to share tips and ideas for small business marketing from both what I gathered from the linked article and my marketing strategy as a small business freelance writer.

Now that I’m getting into the business of selling ebooks and more digital goods to consumers, I need to review the best practices for marketing as a small business owner. I also need to build a team of experts in the fields of social media management, ad management, and creation, as well as a team of solid writers that can match or surpass my content writing skill.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” —Henry Ford

Know Your Audience

The first step to small business marketing is to know your audience. I spend a lot of time analyzing my customers and my visitors. It seems more people on this site prefer articles and products pertaining to unpredictable life questions, tips, and advice. Then my other sites have different keywords that people are interested in.

You see, no matter how much you want your audience to like this, that, or the other thing – they will like or desire what they desire so you’re going to need to follow suit or fail. Create a marketing campaign that matches your ideal customer and current audience!

Retain Customers

By knowing your audience and developing excellent customer service skills, such as an email list that automates the follow-up process, you can find a way to retain customers. Some small business owners hire a coach or marketing expert to handle this part of their small business efforts to retain customers. I’m currently searching for someone to help with various areas of gaining and retaining customers but that will come later in 2021.

You must learn new strategies to retain customers. This means getting the customer to come back and buy more, like a refill, or buy other products that are similar to the first one. A professional marketing person can help with this!

Shameless Promotions

This is one area that I struggle with! Being able to promote yourself and your new products with zero shame is a skill that will build your small business revenue. Every time I share something that I’ve built or been proud of, the sales come in and the support follows. This is because I have built a solid loyal base of friends in the community I work in that know me to my core and are willing to buy from me or share to support me.

Remember that you must have a give-and-take relationship with people in your online community for shameless promotions to work. If you’re constantly promoting yourself but never supporting your fellow connections, with either a word of support or sharing their success; then chances are your shameless promos won’t work well.

Final Thoughts on Small Business Tips and Tricks for Marketing

I love all that Common Thread Collective shared in their article, and I can tell they have much expertise to offer the small business marketing arena. I hope that you’ll take the time to click on over and read what they have to say, learn more about what they offer, and find a new way to build that revenue stream higher this year with your small business!


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  1. It’s SO hard to do shameless promotions. I find myself falling into the habit of not doing this.

  2. These are all such wonderful tips. I need to learn to promote more myself. It can be tough promoting at times.

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