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Tips for Biz Professionals Cold Email Subject Lines

When it comes to being a business owner, you must learn about marketing. One area of marketing may include sending cold emails to prospects. Today I’m diving into the topic of cold email subject lines and best practices for cold emails to your prospects. You’ll be able to learn more about what goes into a cold email subject line, how to prepare to send mass emails, and what type of protocol should be included when you’re about to pitch people who have no idea who you are.

One of the amazing facts about our current society is that you can use tech to cold pitch people and brands. This form of marketing used to be done over the telephone. I once did some cold calling back in the day but quickly learned it wasn’t the type of marketing I wanted to be in.

With many businesses advancing into a high use of technology for their business needs, we must discuss the best ways to formulate a cold email pitch to get the most sales and clients from this cold email marketing technique. You should know that cold email marketing still works in our current times, so please do read up on some samples and tips to best practice this form of marketing.

Tips for Biz Professionals Cold Email Subject Lines

Much like dressing for the job, your cold email subject line must be enticing to increase interest in your prospects. That subject line will be the difference between a person hitting delete or clicking to open the email. You’ll need to have the subject line be interesting, feed the person’s curiosity, and include information without giving all the information away.

Cold Email Subject Line Examples

Here are some clever cold email subject line examples that you can expand upon when sending out a mass email campaign to prospects:

  • Did you get what you were looking for?
  • [Mutual Connection Name] Recommended I reach out
  • Hoping You Can Help
  • Ideas for [Idea that the prospect would care about that pertains to your industry]

Of course, the list of samples for cold email subject lines can get rather extensive, but the list above quite clearly helps lead you in the right direction. Use your marketing team to expand upon these examples and morph them into a cold email marketing campaign that works for your specific industry.

Cold Email Follow Up Subject Email Examples

It’s not enough to send one cold email out to prospects, you should always try to follow up with anyone who didn’t request to unsubscribe from your list. Here are some clever subject lines to use in a follow-up email to prospects:

  • X Options to Get Started
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Here’s the Info that I Promised You
  • Don’t Tell My Boss

Using the above examples you may lend some more tips, ideas, or discounts to the prospect as a follow up from your original cold email marketing attempt.

Tips for Cold Email Marketing

Connect the Dots

Do your best to connect the dots for each prospect. They want to feel like they matter, so personalized subject lines using their proper name or business name will go a long way. You’ll also want to connect the dots between their need and your services. This is an important step with cold email subject lines so that the prospect can see the value of your service without opening the email right away.

Remember the Snippet

Most of us get too many emails every day, and so your email snippet will matter just as much as the cold email subject lines. Be sure to use the first paragraph of your cold email to pitch the prospect in a way that entices them to hit reply or click to purchase your service. Think of this first paragraph of your email as the SEO of the email world, where the prospect can quickly see your intentions and value that you provide for them.

When it comes to using cold email subject lines, please refrain from being too pushy or spammy. The world doesn’t need more people or brands pushing themselves into their life. Since spam and other negative emails reach the average person frequently in 24 hours, you want to find a way to use your subject lines to stand out in that person’s inbox.

I hope that these business starting tips for cold email subject lines will encourage you to create a valuable marketing campaign using the cold email pitch approach.


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  1. Cold call emails can be tricky to craft; these tips are very helpful! I’ll keep these ideas in mind for my next campaign!

  2. Sending sincere and catchy cold emails is a highly valuable skill set to have in digital marketing!

  3. Veronica Kovach

    It’s always hard to find a way to make people still feel like they matter, especially when cold-mailing. This was such a great find, thanks!

  4. These tips are very useful! As a business women I am always looking for new ways to improve little aspects of my job such as emails. Thank you for the advice!

  5. Thank you for all of your imformation and tips. I definitely understand how important subject lines are especially since if the subject line does not pull me in I will immediately delete the email.

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