Tips For Leaving Your Dog Behind For Vacation

Leaving your dog behind for a vacation can certainly be a hard thing to do as an owner. It feels like you’re abandoning them when all they are is solely dependent and loyal to you.

However, it’s important to do this every so often not only to give yourselves a break but to also give your dog some detachment from you to give them some confidence. Here are some tips for leaving your dog behind for vacation.

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Pick The Right Dog Boarding Service

Firstly, if you’re going to leave your dog with someone, make sure you’re leaving it with someone you trust. This could be a family member or friend, but if they’re not free or able to take your dog for the amount of time needed, then you can always look at what local long term dog boarding and short-term options are available in your area.

A dog boarding service can be like a holiday away for your dog, and it’s something that you can trust is going to be the right place to help look after your dog. Not only that, but it’s going to give them all the relevant attention they need and want whilst you’re away.

Putting your dog in a local boarding service can be costly, so it’s important to weigh up the prices and to check what you’re paying for is worth what you’re doing is going to receive.

Leave Them With Some Home Comforts

It’s important that when you’re going away, they have something to remember you by or at least to remind them of home. Putting them in any new location and to leave them on their own can be nerve-racking for any dog. However, if you’re setting them up with everything they need, then they’ll be just fine.

This could be their dog bed, toys, or perhaps a few typical treats in their treat jar that they will be able to recognize, even if it’s not you giving it to them. A dog definitely has emotions and so will find an emotional connection with anything that reminds them of home. Make sure they have plenty of these home comforts when you drop them off.

Keep The Goodbyes Short

When it comes to saying goodbye, keep it short so that your dog isn’t going to suspect that something is wrong. You don’t need to draw it out any longer than it needs to be, especially as it might be a little tough for you to do yourself.

Show Plenty Of Affection When You Return

And finally, once you’re back off your vacation, expect plenty of excitement. You want to give and show plenty of affection to your dog when you return to them. This shows to them that you’ve missed them just as much as they’ve probably missed you. So make sure you give them plenty of attention on the day you collect them!

Leaving your dog behind for a vacation is something many dog owners do, so make sure you use these tips.


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16 thoughts on “Tips For Leaving Your Dog Behind For Vacation

  1. a friend is a boarder and they have so many stories of people that called to switch to them. you need to do your research, it’s so important.

  2. The thing I hate most about vacation is leaving my animals behind. It is never easy for me.

  3. It is tough to leave our pets behind, after all, they are family! Years ago, our two dogs stayed at a kennel and they had a great time. These days we are fortunate that a family member will watch them.

  4. Awww, these are sweet thoughts for the furbaby. Sometimes would leave my shirt with the furbaby so he could play with it while I am away 😀

  5. It is a fact of life that we sometimes have to leave our pets behind when we travel. It is good to have some tips that make the experience better for us and for our pets.

  6. When you have a dog, it is part of the family. I prefer a vacation in place where pets are accepted.

  7. We don’t have a dog, but a friend of mine does and they do leave their dogs behind when they go on vacation. Going to share this with her.

  8. I always feel so bad leaving our dog while we are away. We have found a good kennel but it’s still hard to say goodbye 🙂

  9. It can be so hard leaving a pet behind and going on vacation. I remember the first time my husband and I did it, we were heartbroken over leaving our cat. Dogs can be slightly more challenging though.

  10. Great tips! We’ll be boarding our dog for a few days when I’m in the hospital and maybe for the first couple days we’re home with the new baby, so thanks for the advice.

  11. I don’t own any pets right now but there are a great tips to all pet owners. I will share this with my cousin, thank you!

  12. This can be tough. We only have cats, and we make sure to have someone in daily to feed them and clean their box.

  13. Short goodbyes are key. If you can leave without them realizing it, that’s even better. Long goodbyes and lots of “I’m sorry” is for us not them.

  14. We don’t have a dog, but we do leave our cats behind sometimes. We always leave them home and have a neighbor or family member come check on them each day.

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