Did you know that using WordPress reusable blocks can save you time while helping you get more done? With the convenient feature, you can begin saving several blocks simultaneously, ultimately using them at your convenience. 

If you regularly post specific text to your website, it can come in handy to have this option. Instead of creating new blocks each time, you’ll use your reusable blocks to add the content to each webpage. Now that you know what these blocks are, check out these tips to get started. It might sound complicated, but it’s much easier than most people realize.

Save Several Blocks at Once

While you can save Gutenberg reusable blocks one at a time, save even more time by learning how to save several blocks at once. For example, you might add the same call to action to each of your posts, or you might like to include a special note at the end of each post you’re adding to your website. If so, you can make it even easier to do this by saving multiple blocks at one time.

  1. Click on your mouse, hold it in place, and begin dragging it down. 
  2. Choose the blocks you’d like to reusable, press shift, and add other blocks simultaneously. 
  3. Next, press the three buttons at the top of the page underneath the title section, and then you’ll see a pop-up section. 
  4. Press on the “add to reusable blocks” button. It’s that simple! Once you do this, you can save those specific blocks and reuse them as often as you’d like.

Edit Each Block at the Same Time

When you want to edit something specific on each block, you can do it all at once instead of going into each block and making those changes. 

Of course, this applies to making the exact change to each block, whether you’re adding text, adding the same image, or removing some text from that block. 

When you’d like to make quick edits, add a reusable block, make the changes, and save them. Once you’ve published the changes, all the blocks will have these changes added to them.

Migrate WordPress websites in just a few clicks.

Easily Edit Blocks with Unique Content When Needed

If you don’t want to add the same information to each block, but you need to make some edits to each of them, the best thing to do is quickly convert each reusable block back to a regular block. 

  1. You’ll click those three dots at the top of the page next to the image of a folder and select the section that says “convert to regular block.” 
  2. Once you’ve converted it back to a regular block, you can add as much text as you’d like, make different changes, and include more images in the block before transferring it back to a reusable block. 
  3. When you thought it wasn’t possible to make changes individually to the reusable blocks, there’s a quick and straightforward method that works! 
  4. Best of all, you won’t have to start all over to make the changes or adjustments to the blocks.

Gain Access to Your Reusable Blocks in Seconds

Not sure how to find the reusable blocks after you’ve created them? It’s not a problem. If you’re looking on the right side of the editor, you’ll see text for blocks, patterns, and reusable. 

You’ll click on the section that says reusable, and it will show you the reusable block WordPress has listed for you on that specific website. You can see multiple blocks, including the first reusable one or groups of reusable ones you’ve created over time. It’s a simple way to access the content when you want to see it or edit it.

How to Manage the Reusable Blocks

  1. Select the reusable tab on your editor to see the list of reusable blocks you’ve got on your website. 
  2. Next, press the link that says manage to begin managing the blocks of text and images that you’ve created. 
  3. Once you press the link, you can start editing the content, exporting blocks, or deleting them. For example, you might want to delete these blocks and replace them with new ones after deciding to make changes to your website. 
  4. No matter your reason for wanting to get to the block management portal, it only takes seconds to get to it!

WordPress reusable blocks are convenient for those creating websites with lots of content. Whether you’re new to running a website or not, it helps to have this valuable information at your fingertips. 

If you’d like to save some time and get more done, you can use these blocks. Unfortunately, some people don’t use them because they’re afraid they won’t get to edit the content in the future if they need to do so. However, you can follow these tips to see how simple and stress-free it is to edit content, even if you’re using the reusable blocks on WordPress.

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