With summer nearing I’m in the mood for a good campfire in our fire pit, and some lovely time together with the family. While I don’t drink beer often, I most certainly enjoy a nice cold beer while sitting at the campfire on a family weekend event. That’s why I wanted to share some tips to help you enjoy your craft beer because summer is nearing and a beer or two is an excellent treat after a hectic week.

I’ve always been more of a beer drinker than a wine person. There were those years in which I indulged in the alcoholic teas, but alas my stomach no longer cares for such options. Having a nice cold beer after a long week is an excellent way to relax if you’re a beer drinker.

Today I wanted to share some tips on how to enjoy your craft beer because the key to the success of having a nice cold beer at the end of a busy week is to enjoy this delicious beverage. Below you’ll find some tips to enjoy your beer so that you can savor all there is to savor in freshly brewed beer from Melvin Brewing.

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Tips to Enjoy Craft Beer

Don’t Let the Aroma Get You

Since the aftertaste can often get you, you mustn’t take just one sip and say this beer isn’t for you. The key to enjoying this beer is to take a couple of sips, enjoy the flavor, and let the aroma become an enjoyable scent that assists in making this beer taste lovely.

Use the Right Glass

When it comes to enjoying a delicious glass of beer, you must use the right glass. I highly suggest you pour your beer into a tulip glass, a flute, or a pint glass for the most pleasurable experience in tasting your freshly brewed beer.

Watch the Craft Beer Alcohol Percentage

Since this type of beer can be more potent than your average old school beer, it’s important to know what alcohol percentage the beer has. This type of beer can wipe you out for the weekend if you don’t watch your sips and know your limit of alcohol consumption.

When Sampling Craft Beer Do This

If you’re doing a beer tasting event, be sure to start with the craft beer that has the least amount of alcohol in it and work your way up to the higher alcohol content beer. This will ensure you’re able to taste each of the freshly brewed beers without reaching your limit partially through the event.

Be Safe About Consumption

As always, when consuming alcohol you must use your smarts and practice good safety habits. It’s never good to drink and drive, so if you’re out at a beer tasting event have someone designated to not drink and drive you all home. If you’re enjoying the beer at home, then make sure you’re in for the night so you can completely relax and be safe.

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Remember that craft beer is made for those of the proper alcohol drinking age. Do follow local rules and regulations of alcohol consumption. If you’re of the legal age for beer consumption, then you can use these tips to enjoy an adult occasion with the flavorful craft beer of your choice.

When you opt to enjoy a craft beer during your weekend of relaxation, just be sure to follow my tips shared today so that you can enjoy the flavorful taste and not be knocked out for the weekend. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a lovely campfire with your love as you both sip on a freshly brewed craft beer option to give thanks for a week well-lived.

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