Tips to Think Positive and Be Happy

Nowadays, positivity is a buzzword that people often use in their conversations and social media posts as well – be positive, spread positivity, think positively. You might have heard these phrases a lot, but how do you think positively?

Simply put, it focuses on seeing the good aspect of everything in your life and also anticipating positive outcomes while being happy and content in your life. You must have heard that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and “You sow what you reap.” This also applies to positive thinking. If you foster positive thoughts, you will be able to experience positive outcomes and vice versa.

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Emotions and positivity are closely connected; being joyful, loving, and inspirational is all being positive. An individual in this state of mind seeks to escape negative and unhappy feelings and emotions by choosing optimistic and positive feelings and emotions.

Belief in yourself is one of the biggest factors that ignite positivity in a person. When you believe, then you wait and ponder upon the best outcomes. Positivity is a learned skill, not a natural trait. Positive thinking, like running or learning to play the violin, is an ability that improves with practice. Furthermore, scientists are discovering that the influence of positive thinking is more than just a fad: it can rewire our brains to reform trauma and break negative thought habits.

Let us look at some tips to be a more positive thinker and be happier.

Practice Gratitude

Particularly in the face of adversity, gratitude has been shown to alleviate stress, increase self-esteem, and cultivate resilience. Consider the people, moments, or objects that bring you joy or comfort, and strive to express your gratitude towards them at least once a day. Being thankful for the little things happening around makes you radiate positivity.

Thankfulness stems from the realization that you have enough of something, and it makes you content and happy with your life. We affirm that there are positive things in the universe, as well as blessings and advantages that we have got. This isn’t to say that life is perfect; it is not to say that complaints, pressures, and annoyances are not present.

Gratitude, on the other hand, helps us recognize any amount of goodness in our lives as we look at life as a whole. We can admire positive qualities in ourselves, but real appreciation requires a humble reliance on others: we accept that other people, or even higher forces, give us many gifts, large and small, to assist us in experience goodness in our lives. When you are happy, then you make others happy, thus generating positivity altogether.

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Identify Positivity and Negativity

You are able to tell what makes you happy, as well as what upsets you when you are aware of yourself and are sure about what you like and dislike. The process of knowing yourself is called self-discovery. Not only does it make you self-aware, but it also makes you embrace your flaws. Some situations automatically trigger anxiety in us, and we need to know them. Only then can we limit them to maintain a peaceful state of mind.

On the other hand, things such as spending time with your family or friends may make you happier than you realize. Therefore, to be more at peace, you should try to take out some time from your day to sit with your loved ones and cherish those moments.

Maintain a Good Company

It is important to note that the nature of the people you surround yourself with is more important than how many of them are with you or for how long. “You are the composite of the five people you spend the most time with,” according to Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur.  If the five people you want to associate yourself with are all optimistic, hardworking, and inspiring, there is a good chance you will be as well.

It is not only about how they improve your life; it is also about how they make you feel about yourself. Those that are toxic to you will drag you down and hurt you. Getting rid of that toxic person and replacing them with someone more positive will make a huge difference in your attitude and life in general. A tip for the younger ones: be around people who are older than you, so that you can learn from their mistakes and their experiences.

Maintain a Daily Journal

Anne Frank wrote, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” Writing makes you come to terms with the situation you are facing. According to studies, there is a statistical formula for happiness: three positive emotions for every negative emotion keep you in a healthy balance.

Keeping a journal will help you observe all of the feelings you have during the day and figure out where the positive to negative ratio needs to be adjusted. It will also assist you in focusing on the good aspects of your life so that you are more likely to reminisce later on. You can also maintain a list of gratitude, scribble inspirational quotes, and also attach photos that make you happy. When you are having a particularly bad day, you should refer to your positivity journal to remind yourself that there are things to be grateful for in life.

We are born with complete innocence, with no malice, hate, or concerns. The world transforms the way we think, feel and act. After a certain age, we control how we feel. The positivity starts from within, and you just have to try to make it happen. Prioritize being optimistic and happy, and be true to yourself about how you feel. By doing this, you will realize how your own conscience helps you find a way out of darkness and into the light.

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