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Toddler Dental Care: What all you need to know?

Having a toddler around in the house is all play and fun until the time the apple of your eye screams in a dental agony. As they are just getting introduced to a new and variety of foods, dental problems at this tender age are common. Apart from this, poor oral hygiene can lead to many problems pertaining to the teeth and gums.

According to some statistics, about one out of five children aged 5 to 11 have at least one untreated decayed tooth. At such a young age, children have no tolerance for pain. You can keep your child away from experiencing the same by following simple yet highly effective steps.

Introducing healthy food habits

You may feel tempted to give in to the demands and tantrums of your toddler when he or she throws a fit not to eat healthy foods. But that is not the healthiest habit for the future. You should inculcate a habit of eating right and nutritious food that is useful not only for the teeth and gums but also for their body’s significant benefits.

This is the time when children see a growth spurt and various changes constantly take place in their bodies. Chocolates and candies should be given only as an occasional treat so that they do not start to get addicted to these damaging foods.

A regular brushing habit

Effective brushing may not seem possible on many days, especially when you are preoccupied or otherwise tired. But this is an essential activity which you cannot afford to skip. It is crucial to stick to brushing twice a day and a good mouth rinse after every meal of the day.

Regular checkups

It is very important to go for regular checkups when it comes to your child’s oral hygiene. According to the pediatric dentists at Cohen Family Smiles Dentist, it is necessary to go for a comprehensive oral health exam as it includes a proper risk assessment. Not only that, but it also gives a chance for early detection for any improper bite or teeth straightening issue. These can become problematic for a child in growing up years.

Fluoride in the tap water

Another thing that can help you greatly is having fluoride in your tap water. This element helps prevent tooth decay. And just not, it exerts its antibacterial properties to protect the teeth along with remineralizing them for healthy dental health.

No sugary bottled drinks

Last but not least, you may feel okay to give them all kinds of bottled baby goodness. This “baby bottle decay” is more common than you may perceive. Whether they are healthy or not, they are packed with artificial sweeteners to give a delicious taste to your baby. Sugary liquids tend to stick to the teeth, even after a good wash of the mouth, which can accelerate the decay. If you cannot help it, at least limit its consumption to be followed with a brushing ritual to reduce its negative impact.


There is a need to take care of their teeth in a perfect way to prevent tooth decay. These small acts of care will help you go a long way to maintaining your toddler’s teeth in a much more comfortable and hassle freeway.


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