Happy patrons are the key to a successful business. That’s why every organization can benefit from improving customer service at their company.

The first step in improving is understanding the different types of customer service jobs and hiring the right people to fill them. These are ten of the most common customer service positions.

1. Account Manager

These managers work directly with clients to make sure their needs are satisfied. They typically work with the same clients long-term and develop strong relationships with them.

2. Call Center Representative

When customers call with questions or concerns, they usually talk to a call center representative. These employees will attempt to serve the caller or transfer their call to a different department if needed.

3. Hotel Concierge

Concierges provide guests with recommendations for dining, activities and more. They may also make reservations on their behalf.

4. Restaurant Server

Waiters and waitresses care for customers in restaurants by taking orders, delivering food, refilling beverages, answering questions and addressing concerns.

5. Cashier

Cashiers work in various retail stores and conduct monetary transactions, collecting customers’ money and giving them change.

6. Translator

Companies serve many individuals that speak different languages. Translators can be available by phone, online or in person to facilitate conversations between two or more people who do not speak the same language.

7. Receptionist

These employees are often the first person a customer sees when entering a business. They greet customers, answer phone calls, record orders and more.

8. Technical Support Representative

Most companies use some form of technology. These representatives answer customers’ questions about websites and other technology and report bugs to engineers and website designers to correct.

9. Customer Success Representative

Customer success representatives develop long-term relationships with clients, making sure their needs are met and selling them more products or services.

10. Bank Teller

Bank tellers assist customers in managing their accounts, perform some accounting duties and prepare reports.

Each of these jobs requires a unique personality and skillset. Carefully hiring individuals who will excel in their positions is sure to improve your company’s customer service.

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