Top 10 Hacks to Make your Own Style Statement

Top 10 Hacks to Make your Own Style Statement

Modern-day perception is strongly influenced by the fashion quotient of a person. This does not necessarily mean that you should always be dressed in the latest drapes from exclusive brands. Styling can be a lot easier and comfortable if only you know how to.

Top 10 Hacks to Make your Own Style Statement

While the leading fashion magazines and critics would tell you to stay updated with the upcoming and trending designs, it is not likely that everyone can afford the same fashion. And as already said, it isn’t necessary at all. All you need is a few tips that can help you make your own style statement.

  1. Wear What’s Comfortable

The first and foremost issue with any fashion is the comfort. Your styling needs to be comfortable. You shouldn’t feel stuck or bound while wearing your shirt or your favorite pair of jeans.

This may seem very obvious, but it is not. You know it, that you may have compromised more than once, just for the sake of looking fashion forward. But in the end, you may turn out to be the talk of the occasion, and not in a good way. Since you are not comfortable, you are not the best of yourself. And the styling is all about being the best in self.

  1. Check For Fabric

Another aspect of comfort is the quality of the fabric. Let’s say you prefer to wear cotton and cotton blends. Till the moment you don’t wear blends on hot summer days, you feel comfortable. But the moment you put on a blended shirt, your skin starts itching.

If this happens with you then you should seriously look into the matters more consciously. You should choose the fabric that is comfortable and does not irritate your skin. This would boost your self-confidence and also help you look the best of you, even if you have no style or not even wearing anything new and branded.

  1. Choose Styles That Compliment You

Now that you’ve realized how important your own comfort and the quality of fabric could be for making your statement, this tip would be easier to understand. Obviously, you know that you should choose something that compliments you, and you do so as well. But does your choice always turn out to be as trendy as you wish it to be?

Your facial attributes are the ones that make your styling complimentary or offensive. You can easily find out on the internet how to study the facial attributes and what facial attributes are complemented by what styles and designs.

  1. Your Skin Tone Should Be Enhanced

Did you know that the colors you wear and actually look good on you, are mostly because they complement your skin tone? This is true, your skin tone has a lot to do with your styling.

Wheatish, dark, and brown skin tones are best complemented by the colors that are associated with happiness and good gestures, such as orange, ivory, and alike. Whereas, the colors such as black, brown, maroon, and even white are best suited to brighter and lighter skin tones. No offense, but you should seriously consider your skin tone when you go shopping for your trendy outfits.

  1. Patterns Can Change Your Physical Appearance

Your physical appearance can be enhanced exponentially by the patterns you put on. For instance, stripes can strongly influence your body shape like lean body features or obese, tall or short.

It depends solely on the orientation of the stripes that whether you’d be perceived as short, tall, thin, or healthy. Now you can figure out for yourself how would you wish to be perceived.

  1. Accessorize Your Fashion

Accessories can be like ornaments for your apparels. Watches, chains, bracelets, caps, eyewear, and a lot more can make even the most ordinary of the dresses look stunningly amazing.

Develop a taste in accessories like your footwear, your eyewear, and most importantly your belt. Although as minor they seem, they are not. They can make an everlasting statement every time you put them on. Simply find something that can be omni-compatible. One accessory, many styles, should be your moto whenever you buy your accessories.

  1. Maintain Your Aesthetics

Even the outdated trends make a come back into mainstream fashion. Considering this simple fact, why don’t you consider working out on your facial attributes and maintain your aesthetics.

Your aesthetic appearance should be, in fact, a crucial part of your style statement. Something that you may believe to be worn out can turn out to be the best in your wardrobe if you wear them keeping your face well groomed and presentable at all instances.

  1. Train For Fitness

Your simplest of outfits can be turned into the most enhancing phrases of your style statement if you maintain your physique. Have you ever observed the leading models and Hollywood celebrities? They all look so stunning even if they were wearing their pajamas and a loose t-shirt.

This owes to their fitness conscience. You can also turn your dressing style into a style statement if you start training for your fitness and maintain your body shape.

  1. Keep A Close Check On Your Diet

There’s no doubt to how diet affects your body and your physical appearance. Your skin turns lustrous, your face radiates fresh energy and you stay fit and lean. This has already been mentioned, how your physical appearance can affect your dressing statement. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Your Attitude Towards Yourself Matters

There’s a secret to dressing fashionably and trending. Wear what you wear with confidence. Your attitude towards your own features and dressing makes a lot of difference in how others perceive your fashion.

Regardless of if it is trending or outdated if it is fresh or worn-off fabric, if you are confident enough to wear and walk through the time square, it is in fashion and you are stating your statement.

Having said that, you need to understand that there are no stated rules of fashion. So keep on experimenting and you shall find your statement sooner or later.


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