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Top Alternatives to Zoom

With any of us being stuck at home, our extroverted friends are having a difficult time. Weeks without social interaction may be causing a little stress, tension and upset.

Many have flocked to Zoom to host business meetings and connect with friends, but what if you want an alternative to Zoom?

You’ll be able to find a list of the top alternatives to Zoom below so that you can connect with loved ones, business partners, and anyone else you want during isolation. COVID-19 has many schools shut down, some for the entire year, so maybe you can use some of these top alternatives to Zoom to connect your kids with their friends, all the while following the social distancing rule.

Top Alternatives to Zoom

Google Hangouts Meet

Easy to use video calls using your Google account. This may be a little laggy for video chats when compared to Zoom or other alternatives for video conferencing, but it’s an excellent option for budget-friendly connections with others during COVID-19 quarantine. Learn more here.

Cisco Webex Meetings

This is a little more expensive than Zoom but can give you all you need to do video conferencing with your team or family members. Many business owners use Cisco Webex Meetings to help new ideas flow and work together as a team across the world. Learn more here.


This is a fabulous alternative to Zoom because you can use it across any device, and it’s been used by many employers to communicate with their remote workers. The downside is that this alternative to Zoom can get quite expensive, you’ll need to request a quote. Learn more here.

What are the Advantages of Video Conferencing?

Improves Connections

When working remotely or being stuck home with kids, video conferencing can improve connections with those who help with business and education. Whether you’re using video conferencing to connect with loved ones during quarantine, chat with your kids’ teachers, or discuss business with your employer/teammates, using video conferencing can give a more personal approach during remote work and virtual classroom time.

Encourages Creativity

Being able to use video conferencing to chat with teachers, fellow workers or teammates, and teachers is an excellent way to encourage creativity during difficult times. It’s so much easier to verbally brainstorm and share ideas than it is to write them in emails. One of the biggest advantages of video conferencing is that it helps you speak to people and bounce ideas off of each other in real-time for any reason.

When it comes to finding the best video conferencing option, you’ll need to do your own research to find out what will work for your budget and needs. During these times, many parents can use video conferencing to connect with their kids’ teachers, friends who have an educational degree, or for social engagement during times when social distancing is being highly recommended.


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