Top Hiking Routes in the USA

From the glaciers of Alaska to the Arizonian red rocks, some of the hiking trails in the USA are hard to resist.


With over 6000 state parks, it’s quite difficult to choose the trail route for your adventure trip. This is why we have compiled the best hiking routes in the USA for you to choose from. To make your trip more comfortable, plan up your perfect hiking gear and get started. Consider looking at the National Park Guides to learn more about places you can hike in the USA.


These remarkable hiking routes offer great adventure for both expert and novice hikers.

Panhe Nature Trail

With more than 25 trails to choose from within the Orange County, Panhe Nature trail is one of the best picks for novice hikers because of its easy difficulty level. Having exemplary scenic views, the nature trail is located at the San Onofre State Beach.


The best way to choose the perfect trail in this county is to check the Orange county events calendar and plan accordingly.

Pacific Crest Trail

Unlike the previous one, this is a long-distance trail of 2650 miles. It starts from Mexico and covers all the way to Canada. The hiking route cuts through various states including California, Washington, and Oregon while touching the Cascade and Nevada mountain ranges.


Since the trail is pretty lengthy, it’s extremely diverse. While hiking, you’ll witness glaciated valleys, arid desserts, thick forests, and breathtaking views of the west.

Paint Mines Trail – Colorado

Just like its name, this trail is impressive and unique. Based on a 3.6 miles loop, the hiking route displays brightly colored clay, caprock canyons, and hoodoos. The rocky trail also cuts through stunning scenery you may not witness elsewhere.


This hiking adventure will be more like a discovery as the mines here are the evidence of the existence of human life 9000 years ago.

Grand Canyon North Rim – Arizona

Based on a 277 miles loop, this hiking adventure will be one of its kind – thanks to the impressive sights. The Canyon has two different rims, with the northern one quite secluded and remote. However, that’s exactly where the fun begins. It gives out the best views of the canyon and makes your trip worthwhile.


Hiking through the North Rim also helps you combine your trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

Angels Landing – Utah

Based on the rock formation, this trail route is 454 miles long within the Zion National Park. The trail was given this unique feature back in 1962 and is full of adventure as it leads you on top of Angel Landing.


This is where you can witness the spectacular view of the Zion Canyon. Due to sheer drop-offs, it may be a bit challenging for beginners. However, if you’re a professional, don’t fear to accept the hiking challenge!

Mist Trail Yosemite National Park

Mist Trail is one of the most famous treks of Yosemite National Park. The most notable feature of this hiking route is the two stunning waterfalls the trail passes through. The Nevada Fall and the Vernal Fall keeps the area cool and moistened depending on when you have planned the trip.


The view of this beautiful trail hiking route is mesmerizing but be careful during summer and spring as the trail is both slippery and crowded.

Hoh River Trail, Olympic National Park

Mossy trees, captivating landscapes, and greenery – that’s what Hoh River Trail reflects. With exotic scenic views spreading around 17 miles, it’s one of the most prominent trails of the Olympic National Park.


If you decide to dig deeper, you’re surely going to witness wildlife during your trek adventure.

Rubicon Trail Tahoe

The trail is designed alongside the famous South Lake River and is one of the best ways to experience everything this place has to offer.


Besides exploring the enchanting beauty of rivers, you can expect scenic vantage points overlooking spectacular blue waters and rocky cliffs. Keeping in consideration the weather, remember that the trail can only be visited between March and September.

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