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Top Methods of Lead Generation for Your Online Business

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Online marketing and sales is a tough gig, and it can seem like you are going nowhere. For example, you might have spent three years building your blog yet only made a dozen sales. This isn’t because you are doing something wrong. You just aren’t doing the exact things needed to generate leads and conversions.

There are many aspects to digital marketing, and it isn’t easy. At the same time, you can develop a site and market it somewhat yourself. There are various techniques that most professionals are aware of, such as technical SEO, social media strategies, and brand identity.

Get Professional Help

There’s no shame in it, and every successful online business gets help with its marketing. Specialist online marketers like Cardinal Digital Marketing will tailor a package for your blog or business. In addition, these agencies will strategize with you to build a comprehensive plan that focuses directly on the requirements of solid lead generation.

Digital marketers will also utilize skilled employees to build an appropriate brand awareness campaign around your company’s ambition, beliefs, and goals.

Become a Social Media God

Social media is much more than posting messages. While posting is an excellent method of advertising and engagement, there are multiple tools that you can leverage when using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not least, each platform’s excellent analytics tools allow you to see real-time information on who is engaging with your posts.

Advertising on these platforms is invaluable when done correctly. Facebook, for example, allows you to laser focus your advertising on particular demographics based on age, interests, and gender.

Learn SEO

If you employ the talents of a digital marketing agency, they will undoubtedly include multiple SEO tactics across your site. However, you should take the time to learn SEO yourself if you plan on writing any blog posts. For the most part, you need to focus on on-page SEO, such as metadata and keywords, but you should include local SEO for more comprehensive coverage.

Technical and off-page SEO should be left to professionals, or you run the risk of damaging your ranking with irrelevant backlinks or breaking your site’s code.

Offer Incentives

A time-honored tradition, you could offer consumers free stuff for visiting your website or blog. Common practice is to provide some discount on a selected product, or you could offer the first purchase for free. In addition, some companies now use sign-up bonuses in addition to daily, weekly, and monthly log-ins.

For example, you could offer a free product for users who log in every day for a month. Their daily log-in increases the chances they will purchase something while there on your site.

Master the Landing Page

A fundamental aspect of acquiring leads and conversions is the landing page. Generally, landing pages serve to obtain customer contact information to build a sales list for digital marketing purposes. But standalone landing pages can also exist to funnel leads into conversions through product advertisement.

A landing page is commonly detached and separate from your website and facilitates lead capture only. However, you could link to your business from the landing page itself.


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