Top Tips For A Cozy Guest Room

The guest bedroom is one of the most commonly overlooked rooms. It plays a critical role inside your home, especially if you love receiving guests. A comfortable and welcoming bedroom can put your guests at ease and help them relax.

If you’ve invited your in-laws or a distant relative, their first impression of the bedroom could dramatically affect their stay.

A cramped and cluttered bedroom could convince them to shorten the duration of their stay. Most homeowners don’t notice all the little things that could make a guest feel awkward or unwanted at your home.

The last thing you want is to develop an unpleasant relationship as a result. It could be so easy to transform the guest room into an inviting and charming area that can bring you and your relative closer. Are you ready to get started?

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Choose furniture that works in the long term

Most people don’t use their guest bedrooms often. Therefore, it’s easy to keep furniture past its prime! However, you want to invest in long-lasting pieces that will bring the decor together. It’s important to think of how your furniture will be used over the years. In a guest bedroom, signs of wear and tear are slow to appear as a result of the room being used infrequently.

So, you can expect most items to last longer than in any other room. However, if you’re going to stay in your home for a long time, you want to invest in timeless designs too. A quirky bedside table or chest of drawers would rapidly feel dated as the interior style continues to evolve in your home.

Think of remodeling

Homeowners tend to forget the guest bedrooms when they change their interior decor. Therefore, if you want to make your guests feel at home, your guest bedroom needs a small decor update. There’s no need to break the bank for it, though. You can safely store all furniture and bedding away, such as in the garage, while you give the walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint.

Ideally, you want to give it a few days for the paint to dry and the smell to leave the room. That’s where your storage solution can make a big difference. The garage or basement may seem safe, but if you’ve got pest problems, you could find your furniture and bedding covered in sharp teeth marks and dropping.

An animal control specialist could help tackle the problem safely and permanently. You can reach out to storage companies to look after your items while you redecorate.

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Put yourself in your guests’ shoes

What would a guest need? You need to think outside of the box to make the bedroom welcoming. You can prepare a little sign in their bedroom with the WiFi password, so they can get a connection hassle-free. It can be a good idea as well to keep some books too, in case they want to unwind with the latest novels.

You don’t have to bring them breakfast in bed. But you can prepare a bottle of water and some fresh mints as a welcome gesture.

Making your guests feel at home can help break the ice and establish a long-lasting friendship. Nobody expects the guest bedroom to break the bank in terms of decor and maintenance. But little touches to keep the furniture for longer and lift your guests’ spirits can go a long way.


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