Toxin-Free Cleaner – Good Green Cleaner

I recently received a package of Good Green Cleaner. This toxin-free household cleaner is not only eco-friendly but it’s sustainable. Good Green Cleaner features a color-coded plastic reusable 32-ounce bottle with colored spray top and colored writing to match whichever cleaner is in the bottle.

Using little concentrated cups of cleaning solution, you’ll mix your Good Green Cleaner in the bottle and enjoy eco-friendly, toxic-free cleaning throughout your household.

Toxin-Free Cleaner – Good Green Cleaner

There are four color-coded bottles to choose from. The bottle color matches the color in your concentrated solution package. You’ll need to know which color matches which area of the home so that you can get the best toxic-free clean every time.

  • Green Color Bottle – Odor eliminator & all-purpose cleaner
  • Blue Color Bottle – Glass & multi-surface cleaner
  • Yellow Color Bottle – Kitchen cleaner & degreaser
  • Pink Color Bottle – Bathroom tile and tub cleaner

The process to get your household Good Green Cleaner bottles ready, is super simple. I’ll feature a video below showing you how this process works.

The package will arrive as shown below. Unscrew the plastic bottle top, take out the straw piece, and remove packaging from the rest of the bottle and Good Green Cleaner solution.

Once you have everything apart and the pieces sitting on your table or counter. You’ll have to mix the solution.

Fill your Good Green Cleaner reusable bottle with water, and screw the concentrated solution onto the bottle where the plastic cap was otherwise placed.

You’ll see the concentreated solution fill the water bottle. I shook mine up to try to mix the solution better.

Then you’ll remove the concentrated solution cover and replace it with the spray bottle hose with straw piece attached.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to follow the same steps for your other bottles of Good Green Cleaner for a day of household cleaning!

All About Good Green Cleaner

Safe and sustainable household cleaners that are toxin-free and actually get the home clean! Good Green Cleaner is an excellent way to make cleaning solutions last longer, while you feel better knowing that you’re using a toxin-free household cleaner.

  • The reusable bottle ships empty (saving on energy and shipping costs)
  • The bottle comes with a recyclable “pod” full of cleaning fluid.
  • Fill the bottle with 32 ounces of tap water, screw on the pod until it clicks, releasing the cleaner.
  • Screw off, toss in the recycle bin and then screw on the spray nozzle.
  • When out, keep your bottle and simply purchase more pods

It’s a super simple process to get your Good Green Cleaner ready to use. See my video below sharing how I mixed up my solution to get ready to use the bathroom tub & tile cleaner in my household on cleaning day!

Odor Eliminator & All-Purpose Cleaner

Not only does this product eliminate odor, but it cleans as it does it. Be gone urine smells from around the toilet! The probiotic cleaner will remove the bad bacteria causing odors and illness.

Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser

Just like it says, this product is perfect for your kitchen counters and cabinets while cutting grease from around the stove. Bonus – it’s certified food contact safe. You can also test this Good Green Cleaner on your grill this summer!

Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner

It’s ammonia-free and removes petroleum streaks left behind from other glass cleaners. This product is also certified food contact safe.

Bathroom, Tile & Tub Cleaner

Not only cleans, but whitens grout as it does so.

Learn more about Good Green Cleaner on their website or purchase your toxin-free household cleaner today online.


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