How Video Can Help Transform Blog Posts

Blogging continues to be a unique and beloved form of sharing information, reading something new, and expanding your horizons on the internet. Many bloggers even have revenue streams through their platform that help to make their living or supplement household costs. But more and more, bloggers are struggling to get or keep that consistent high traffic they want to see for progressing their goals and truly gaining outreach into the web. What’s one easy way you can avoid this? Videos. Here are some ways how video can help transform blog posts.

Better Retention

With how busy most folks are nowadays and how much more engaging a moving video is, content articles get far less reader retention than videos of any kind. This is partial because of how much easier it is to listen to a video while doing other tasks, but also just how humans are becoming with the increase of social media use. Making videos means you get that retention even the most engaging text won’t have.

Reinforce Points

For educational or niche-focused content your points often get lost in the middle of the other words and added content around your main ideas has to be there to optimize SEO reach or get to the length you want your articles to be. Videos can reinforce and restate the main ideas of your blog or article so that readers truly understand what you want them to learn from the content.

Add More Visuals

Adding photos into your post will help up the engagement and bring your points closer to your readers, but why just stop there? Embedding short videos, especially for blogs that focus on hands-on ideas like crafts or recipes, will help compliment the text with visuals that can be optional so that people that prefer to just read can while those that learn better from video have it right there.

Easier Promotion

Social media sharing helps your blog tenfold, and most website owners already know this. You can easily create templates for sharing your blog and its content across many social sites including things like Pinterest, which also supports sharing short videos. But adding longer videos gives you more expansive options for social media that can help you mix up what you normally share or even expand into YouTube.

Little Effort

Since you don’t need to make anything super long or involved to gain traffic or optimize your blog, it takes very little effort to try out this strategy. This directly means any income you gain from this marketing idea will be well worth it, and that you aren’t wasting a bunch of time on things that won’t really improve your blog and getting too burnt out to write or post on social media.

YouTube Growth

On the topic of YouTube as mentioned briefly above, you can even get more income or a completely new audience by creating a YouTube channel based on your blog. You can link back to your actual blog posts in the description or link to products as well, and even spend more time creating podcast-style videos or sitting down to in-depth discuss new topics relating back to your website.

Not only can videos help you to gain or retain more readers in the world online, but it can also be a great tool to gain new skills in your blogging business and reach a new audience you never would have found through normal content articles. You can elevate your blog to the next level by creating engaging videos of your blog posts to embed in your post or to share on other platforms. There are even services that help you do this efficiently and easily such as Lumen5, which can allow you to input your article and automatically create a great video that you can further edit and improve.


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