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Travel Tips for the Modern Traveler

Traveling is such a fun way to open your mind to new cultures, experiences, and perhaps exciting adventures. The modern traveler needs to be ready to go on their adventures quickly and safely. That’s why I’m sharing some tips for the modern traveler today!

As many of you who follow my blog know, we had an amazing summer that was full of adventures.

While we were technically living on the road, and not traveling for any fun reasons, I do know a thing or two about shortening your travel packing to-do list.

We had to figure out a way to pack lightly and quicky when moving from destination to destination with the boys. Having a long to-do list doesn’t make it easy for an early morning checkout that’s for sure!

With that being said, for all you modern travelers out there, I know the to-do list for travel adventures can get pretty lengthy and it’s even harder when you have to pack TSA approved options for flights.

That’s why I just had to share something awesome with you all today. Ben Lido is the name and personalized travel kits for the modern traveler is their game!

How do you pack things for travel?

Listen, if we were meant to stay in one place too long we wouldn’t have feet. We’d be a tree with roots dug deep into the ground. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any tree roots extending from my hips, so I doubt you do either.

Ben Lido Personalized Travel kits had an idea. What can they do to help the modern travel learn how to pack things for travel with ease? Their idea is to provide you with a subscription-based service for those forever travelers or a one-time purchase for those occasional travelers.

This personalized travel kit allows you to get everything you need without having to go venture to the local Walmart, CVS or Walgreens to find the right travel size container of your favorite health and beauty products.

What Makes Ben Lido Kits Different?

Oh, I am so glad you asked.

What is it that makes Ben Lido personalized travel kits so different for the modern traveler? Well, let’s see here. I have a list somewhere, oh here it is. This is what makes Ben Lido kits different:

  • It’s Subscription-Based (or can be a one-time purchase as well)
  • Everything is TSA-Approved Sizes
  • Wide Variety of Brands available to customize kits
  • It can be delivered Right To Your Door (or the door of any destination you’re going to)
  •  You can customize your own kit, down to your favorite unique or hard to find products.

How do you pack smart for a long trip?

Okay now that we got that out of the way, what is it about these modern travelers always wanting to know how to pack smart for a long trip? Well, apparently it’s a pretty popular question.

Let’s see, travel adventures are just as unique as who we are. Each of the modern travelers out there in the world tends to have different travel needs. That’s why Ben Lido wanted to not only help you pack smart for a long trip but help you have TSA-approved health and beauty items delivered no matter where you’re located.

Tips to Pack Smarter for a Long Trip

  • Create a packing list for all long travel adventures a week ahead.
  • Always know what your airline’s baggage fee policy is.
  • Pick out what you think you’ll wear and cut that down by half.
  • Order your health and beauty essentials from Ben Lido.
  • Make good use of packing cubes to condense what you pack.

All About Ben Lido Personalized Travel Kits

Ben Lido is expanding the accessibility of family adventures. No more do you have to try to go around looking for the quintessential travel items for every member of your family.

You can order your travel health and beauty items online and have them shipped to you wherever you find yourself.

With so many personalized travel kits to choose from, I’m certain all modern travelers can find the best suited personalized travel kit within the selection of:

  • The Luxury – For Men
  • The Luxury – For Women
  • The Business – For Men
  • The Business – For Women
  • The Essentials – For Men
  • The Essentials – For Women

Each of the above personalized travel kits includes a range of products that every modern traveler will need during their travel adventures.

How to Make Your Own Ben Lido Personalized Travel Kit

The really cool thing is that you can click at the very bottom of the shopping page to create your own travel kit. I did this process just to test how Ben Lido works.

You’ll click the “Create Your Own Travel Bag” option.

Then you need to click “Add a Bag”, this loaded a little slow for me, so be sure not to over click that button.

It looks like you choose from four travel bag options. So select your travel bag.

Don’t forget to click the circle of which color you want for the travel bag of your choice, and then click “Add to Travel Kit”.

Now that you have your own travel bag selected, it’s time to review Ben Lido’s list of health and beauty products.

They have everything, OMG.

From skin care to hair care as well as bath and body products. Select all of your travel essentials and add them to the cart.

Then you can go through the checkout process to get your Ben Lido personalized travel kit shipped out.

It looks like you can select 2-day free shipping or ground shipping for a fee. Get all your details checked off, and then proceed to make payment.

Sit back, relax and start enjoying the freedom that comes when you start shortening your travel packing to-do list by using Ben Lido for all your health and beauty essentials.

You can learn more about Ben Lido on their website.

About Drew Rayman, Founder, and CEO

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