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Try These Measures to Wipe Out Negative Energy From Your Life

“Once you start to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll begin to get positive outcomes.” -Willie Nelson.

Have you been feeling sad or depressed lately? Are you feeling uninterested even in your favorite activities? Do you feel mentally exhausted even after resting all day long? If yes, then you already know what these emotions and feelings are.

However, instead of getting stuck over these negative feelings and anxiousness, you need to search for positivity. Keep in mind that positive energy not only helps in removing negativity but also helps you become emotionally and physically strong.

Nonetheless, we understand that wiping out the negativity around you is easier said than done. But, it is not impossible!

The first step to restoring positivity is understanding the difference between the energies and work on influencing the positive energy.

What Is A Positive Energy Field?

You might have already heard of the concept of aura. Every person has their individual aura, which is related to their energy field. Generally, people emit their energy at different frequencies at different points.

Here the high frequency is said to be positive. It implies that the person is in a good mood. And will also attract the energy of the same or even higher frequency. In simple terms, a positive person will spread positivity all around.

Signs Of Positive Energy

How do you know you are emitting high frequency? Well, you can check the following points to see whether you have positive energy.

  • Good health.
  • Experience intense gratitude.
  • People often approach you.
  • Your energy level is high.
  • You are creative and easily inspired.
  • You prefer gestures over materialist things.
  • Laughing and smiling comes naturally to you.
  • You can easily handle your emotions and relationships.

If you experience the signs mentioned above often, then it is really a good thing. However, if not, no need to worry! There are several ways that can help you restore positivity and faith.

How To Restore Positive Energy?

Even if you have physical energy, drained emotions and mental wellbeing can affect your energy to a great extent. Therefore, you must try to uplift your mental health, emotions, and soul. It’ll help remove negative energy and grow as a person.

  • Move Your Stagnant Energy

The first thing you can try is to move the stagnant energy, i.e., the feeling of heaviness in the body. To do so, you can try cardiovascular exercise. Running, cycling or dancing will help in improving endorphins. And sweating will help in removing the toxins (stress hormones) from the body.

In addition to this, exercise improves the oxygen level in the body, which enhances positive energy flow. Nonetheless, make sure that the exercises you have chosen are fun for you and not the chore.

  • Eat High Vibrant Food

Did you know that there are high-vibrant foods that can help in improving the frequency level?

Yes, you read it right! These foods include organic fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, honey, water, nuts, whole grains, dark chocolate, fermented food, etc.

Apart from these, you should avoid including low vibrational foods such as sugar, red meat, deep-fried food, and white flour.

  • Embrace Faith

The next measure to remove negativity is to start embracing faith. To be more specific, believing in supreme power. How? Well, it is quite easy. You can start reading the bible and implement its teachings in your life. But, if you find it challenging, you can try modern-day LDS Teaching Aides, including audio sources and lesson outlines. It will help you connect with your spirituality and discover the truth of life.

Believe it or not, it is a great way to sort out the feelings like anger, worry, and fear. And adapt the feeling of love, faith, and compassion. So, you should consider giving it a try!

  • Talk To Someone

Another thing that you can try is to vent out all your feelings to someone who’ll listen to you. Speaking aloud about the things that are bothering you will help in removing all the negativity. But remember that your aim here is to let go of your feelings. Do not hope for any solution or advice. Instead, focus on removing the thoughts.

In case you are not comfortable with talking, you can write down your thoughts. But make sure not to filter out any of your thoughts. Just be who you are, and don’t fear any judgment. It will help in improving your mood and creating a positive aura around you.

  • Work On Your Breathing

Focusing on your breathing is the easiest yet effective way to promote positive thoughts. Not only this, but regular breathing practices will also help in boosting your immune system and reducing stress.

The trick here is to exhale longer than you inhale. For instance, if you inhale for 5 seconds, try to hold your breath for 5 seconds and then slowly exhale for 7 seconds.

The best part? You can try this out whenever you start to feel sad or depressed.

  • Meditate Everyday

Similar to breathing exercises, you should try to meditate every day. Focus on your present moment, and then try to balance your soul (or chakras). It might sound a bit complicated, but you’ll understand once you have tried it. While meditating, visualize yourself as getting surrounded by divine power.

It will melt away all the negativity in an instant and improve your mood. Not to mention, daily meditation is proven to reduce stress. So, you’ll experience positive signs around you.

  • Be Grateful

Last but not least, you need to learn to be grateful for what you have. Be it something as small as eating your favorite chocolate or as big as getting a promotion. Being grateful will help you keep control over your overthinking and build positivity.

Plus, it’ll help you create an inviting aura around you. It’ll help you attract the things that you want to achieve in life.

Key Takeaway,

Life is a roller coaster of emotions. However, your faith, energy, and determination will help you deal with all the odds. So, the next time you feel like negative energy is draining you, either physically or psychologically, try out the above-written measures to wipe it out!


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