Turn the Page, My New Routine

Each day I am working to turn the page. Every day that passes I feel stronger, I feel confident and I enjoy being free to be who I am. As with any breakup, you have your moments where you get sad or angry about all that has happened. I am not one to dwell on those emotions because they aren’t productive in any way. I tend to have a self-motivated and goal orientated mind. This means when hard times hit or someone hurts me, I work my bum off to get back to where I need to be. This is one of those chapters in my life where I’m motivated and dedicated to turn the page.

In order to be successful in business and life, I have to remain laser-focused on my goals. I have to remain laser-focused on the fact that I have three kids looking up to me. I’m their example first and foremost and honestly; the example I led for the past couple of years, wasn’t the example I wanted to be for my trio. Today I turn the page and share my new routine. I hope this inspires you to find the light during a difficult time. Remember that no one can ever bring you down again. Take your hardships and bad feelings, twist them around into something productive, motivating, and positive.

Turn the Page My New Routine

Turn the Page, My New Routine

New Hairdo

I am excited to share that I went and had my long hair put up into this adorable hairstyle. My youngest child asked one day why it is that people in movies cut their hair when they’re mad. I had to think about it, I am not sure why people cut their hair off during a breakup, but I’ve been guilty of doing that in the past. This time around, I am being more confident and I don’t want short hair. I took this chance to go get spoiled, for free. Isn’t this the most adorable hairstyle ever? Fancy.

Turn the Page My New Routine

New Mindset

For the past couple of years, my brain had been made to believe truths that weren’t really truths at all. I went from a confident, happy, independent women who loved being a single mom to a person who didn’t feel good at all about herself. The confidence was beaten down. I decided to turn the page, my new routine involves staying focused on the prize – my confidence and positive attitude returned. I have grown wiser from the bad experiences and each day I work to gain mental strength again.

Turn the Page My New Routine

Daily Music

Oh, there’s nothing better to me than the sound of music. Music inspires me to use my creative writing skills to further my business. Music helps calm the mind when I start thinking about things that went wrong. I listen to different genres of music on a daily basis, when I get into my office you will find I turn the tablet onto Pandora and play a genre that I’m feeling that day. Sometimes it’s country, classical and as of late, it’s been a Pink Pandora station. Music is my motivation.

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New Setup

I have a new monitor that’s actually pretty snazzy. During the breakup, I had been using this monitor that belonged to my ex, so I was forced to use this tiny monitor that didn’t allow for me to edit websites or content for clients in a productive way. My new Viotek monitor has allowed me to get back on track with my regular pace for work. I now am back to my approximate $68-$100 per hour rate based on the workload I complete, all because this monitor is amazing in size and quality.

Turn the Page My New Routine

Saying Yes

My new routine involves saying yes more. While I am on a spending freeze to get my budget back on track, I am open to hanging out with my friends or talking on the phone with them. I am trying to say yes more often to the people I stopped speaking to during the last couple of years. Everyone knew the relationship was not unhealthy, except for me, or perhaps I knew but was too scared so I stayed and friendships became distant memories. My friends are back and I’m saying yes more to them.

Turn the Page My New Routine

Saying No

When I decided to turn the page to a new routine, I also grew confident in learning to say no more often. I have said yes to so many things I wasn’t okay with the past couple of years and it’s time I started to say no. I feel so good being able to say no to people, work and other things that come into my life because it helps me stay focused. I am growing more confident again and thankful for my new routine because it’s allowed the old me to blossom in a wiser way.

Turn the Page My New Routine

My new routine keeps me from getting sad or sleepy. My new routine has taken a couple of weeks to morph into my perfect day of work at home. I have found that using my new routine above combined with a regular bedtime schedule that I have become more confident, happy and enjoying a life that works well for the person I am. While I am still getting used to the idea of turning the page to a new chapter, I am confident that making the choice many years ago to live without regrets has helped me to remain focused on life as it is today rather than peeking back in time to a place where I wasn’t being treated properly.

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