Ultimate Guide of Working at Home Jobs and Business Ideas

With this ULTIMATE GUIDE OF WORKING AT HOME JOBS AND BUSINESS IDEAS  you’ll find that you can truly work from home and have more time for:

  • Family
  • Kids
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Relaxation
  • Whatever you desire!

Many many many single moms have come to me asking how they can work from home as I have since 2006. I never have a solid answer, other than it’s not as easy as it looks. After spending some time thinking about this question, and how I could come up with a solid answer I decided to create this ultimate guide of working at home jobs and business ideas.

This guide is the answer you seek when you ask someone “how can a single mom make money from home?” Whether you’re single or not, a mom or dad, this is truly the ultimate guide to get you finding and applying for legit work at home jobs as well as starting your own business from home.

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Brandy Ellen’s Story {In Simple Terms}

Here’s a brief story about who I am and how I came to work from home. Back in 2006, I was pregnant with my second child. I don’t know about other pregnant women, but I hated it. I was sick. I was tired. I could not function properly. My brain was fried, well I guess they call it pregnancy brain. I couldn’t handle a regular job, and so I had to do something.

I quit my full time, well almost full time, day job and came home. I wasn’t quite sure what I would do but I had heard about others who became a virtual assistant. This was right up my alley, I had 10 plus years in the administrative assistant industry so why not use those skills FROM HOME?!

I started off being Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions and was hired for a few years doing odd and end work. Everything from helping upload products and descriptions to a website store to data entry, researching topics for people and filling out their forms with information. I did it all.

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And then? Things changed. The world of making money blogging came into play and my best friend at the time told me all about it. I wanted in! So I started a blogger blog (free) and started writing aka blogging. I was into direct sales back then too, so it was a no brainer – use my blog to make money with the companies that I was working as a consultant for.

I made money. I loved direct sales, for about two years. It sort of got old to me and I grew tired of selling and leading others underneath me. The companies that I worked for ultimately faded away and I was left with a blog. A blog that I had built from the ground up, this blog was Writings of a WAHM and eventually I transferred that blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog and within a few years I had changed the name again, Happily Blended, and was making a pretty decent income.

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Within just about six years, I was able to have a decent income. I am sure it took a little less than six years, but I want you to know that starting a BLOG FOR INCOME will take a lot of time, tons of hours without sleep and so much dedication that you’ll wonder if you’re ever going to make money.

That’s why I don’t spend much time promoting the whole MAKE MONEY BLOGGING THING, because most of you who come to me looking for ideas to make money want money now! That’s not going to happen with a blog, although I do recommend having one while you make money with the other industries and options I’ve included in my Ultimate Guide of Working at Home Jobs and Businesses below.


Ultimate Guide of Working at Home Jobs and Business Ideas

  1. HireMyMom.com – A paid site that has social media gigs, blogging gigs, and other tasks that one could do at home with the right skills. I highly recommend you pay for at least 3 months and use it as much as possible during that time to apply for work at home jobs/gigs.
  2. Start a Blog – Go to Blogger.com and start a blog for free. Once you see that it’s building some success, such as income and/or visitors, let’s chat about getting you transferred over to a self-hosted WordPress blog. My email is owner@brandyellen.com and this may require a fee for my consulting services.
  3. FlexJobs.com – A paid site that has a lot of companies that will hire remote workers. A remote worker is someone who is an employee for a company or independent contractor but works 100% from their home.
  4. Start a Daycare – Babysitting other kids from home is a great way to earn some extra cash. If you love kids and can start a daycare in your house then, by all means, start one. Just be sure you get the appropriate license to have kids in your home as a daycare provider and so forth. Some towns have strict ordinances about this.
  5. Direct Sales – There are far too many direct sales companies out there to list each of them, but if this is what you want to do, be sure you research each one. Find out what type of reviews they have “search the direct sale company name and the word review afterward” to learn more about the company. Next, see how many consultants are in your area or online already so that you can pick a company that isn’t saturating the internet already. Lastly, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about so that you can fit the “sales pitches” into your regularly scheduled life.
  6. Become a Dog Walker – You don’t have to be a teenager to start walking dogs for money. If you love dogs and think there’s a need for this service in your area, then put up some signs with a phone number and see about starting your own dog walking business. The kids can even walk with you during this time if the dogs are kid-friendly and you have younger kids who can’t stay home alone while you’re out there doing the dog walking business.
  7. Become a Tutor – Course Hero hires tutors who can work from home tutoring students. The online classroom is pretty popular, so if you have the skills then you should apply to become a tutor who works virtually supporting students.
  8. Teach English at Home – You can become a teacher and teach kids at home. This platform is located in China and requires that you have a Bachelors Degree. You’ll be teaching kids in China English from your home office.
  9. Market Research – These tend to be “get paid to take survey” sort of offers, but there are a few I will recommend – Swagbucks.com, InboxDollars.com, and Survey Junkey are the top three ranking market research companies where you can sign up and start making money from home by watching videos, ads and taking surveys among other things for market research.
  10. Amazon Virtual JobsAmazon.com isn’t always hiring virtual aka remote workers, but they do have a page where you can see what they have open for jobs and apply to those you’re qualified to apply to.

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Many companies such as 1-800-FLOWERS and Uhaul hire remote workers, but those are usually jobs that you’ll find listed under FlexJobs.com. Many of the larger companies who would hire you to work from home have decided to use FlexJobs.com to help them weed out those who aren’t qualified or dedicated to this mission to work from home.

While paying for HireMyMom.com or Flexjobs.com may sound intimidating, do what I did. I paid for the minimum amount and used the sites to apply to as many jobs as possible. Then feel free to cancel the account. You don’t have to pay for months on end, just get in there and have a look around to find that perfect work at home job for you!

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You will want to have an updated cover letter and resume ready when applying to some work at home jobs. While you could start your own business, sort of easily, most employers and even people on HireMyMom.com that tend to be more online brands will want to see a history of your skills. I’m happy to assist in creating a fabulous cover letter and resume if you need help. Contact me to discuss the rates for this service.


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