Unpredictable Life Situations Happen

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A lot of people wonder why life is so unpredictable. I mean, one minute you’re living life to the fullest and the next? Well, you’re dealing with car accidents and injuries that will change the future path of life. The world is crazy.

Chaos. Personal injuries. Battles within and outward.

You see, I’m very aware of all of the unpredictable life situations that happen.

I’ve lived some unpredictable life moments myself you see.

But what I haven’t had to deal with on a personal level like within the household is the personal injuries that come from a motorcycle accident that result in needing a motorcycle accident lawyer. I did lose at least one uncle to a motorcycle accident though, and is super sad!

3 Surprising Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents occur quite frequently and here are the top three surprising facts about motorcycle accidents that do cause personal injuries.

Didn’t Complete Formal Motorcycle Training

An alarming number of motorcycle car accidents occur with motorcyclists who never completed a formal motorcycle training session. Being an untrained motorcycle driver means that you may not be privy to the laws of the road or wearing a helmet for protection, etc. As a result, you might easily fall victim to hit and run cases. Moreover, as the experts at realjustice.com explain, accident cases between cars and motorcycles often result in heavy damages on the part of the motorist. Meaning, as a motorcyclist you’d probably be sustaining more injuries and losses.

Unintentionally Violating Motorcycles Right of Way

Another top reason why motorcycle car accidents happen and cause personal injuries is that the other vehicle was unintentionally violating the motorcyclist’s right of way. The best way to avoid this is to wear bright colored clothing and do your best to make sure other drivers can see your motorcycle and you!

Sadly, it’s not your fault this happens, but if both car drivers and motorcycle drivers can do their part to respect each other and be aware of each other on the road, then fewer car accidents may occur.

Experience and Age

Experience and age play a key factor in whether or not someone is able to best watch out for motorcycles or handle their motorcycle when out there on the wide-open road. Car accidents cause personal injuries so, in time, we hope that you are able to keep a better eye out for motorcycles and that motorcycle drivers gain more experience with formal motorcycle training to avoid these accidents.

Whatever is done, the truth is that car accidents do happen with motorcycles. It’s just part of the risk of being out there as a driver on the road. My heart goes out to anyone that has lost a fellow friend or family member to motorcycle accident, I know how painful it is to lose such a person in that way!

What percentage of motorcycle riders have accidents?

About one percent of all motorcycle drivers end up in a motorcycle car accident and suffer personal injuries from said accident at some point in their motorcycle driving career.

What is the biggest cause of motorcycle accidents?

The biggest cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure for the other vehicle to see the motorcycle or know the rules of the right of way with motorcycles on the road. Motorcycles are small enough where they can easily fit into the blindspot of other vehicles and so this is a common accident waiting to happen.


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