Upper Pass Lodge in Londonderry, Vermont

Back during our homeless season with my two sons and their Dad, there was another spot we fell in love with on one weekend. The thing about being homeless with two boys is that we wanted to make the weekends FUN, so we’d try to get some sort of new place scheduled, and this particular weekend we opted for Upper Pass Lodge in Londonderry, Vermont.

This place is on Magic Mountain Access Road and is pretty much a ghost town non-winter season. Seriously, the area was sort of spooky back in 2019. The biggest reason we opted for this place was the price, the unique factor, and the places to hike nearby. We also wanted to have a pool after learning how much we loved having a space with a pool, like White River Inn & Suites.

Sadly, the pool at Upper Pass Lodge wasn’t open. It was very green, and well, it was a disappointment that it wasn’t open, to be honest.

Inside the Upper Pass Lodge in Londonderry, Vermont is a bar and restaurant The Red Slate Restaurant with tasty food. We enjoyed one evening meal at the restaurant, I mean most places to go out to eat or shop were about 30 minutes away anyway, so it was just easier to dine in here.

I don’t quite remember what we all ate, but I do remember it was a quaint space that was not lacking rustic charm. The people at Upper Pass Lodge were very friendly, and while our room was not what we expected, it was fun.

The bedroom “for kids” was really “for kids” 🤣 I remember the bunk beds for the boys were rather small, so one just took the mattress and slept on that on the floor I think or maybe they used an air mattress, again some of the memories from this stay are not quite at the forefront of my mind.

The main area had a television with an actual TV with cable or satellite TV I think. Then there was WiFi, all you needed to shower and clean yourself. A nice bathroom, and while the living space was small, it was a fun experience.

More info about Upper Pass Lodge in Vermont

As someone who now looks to travel with dogs sometimes, and teens that are often considered adults, here are some details that may matter as you plan your trip:

  • Pets are welcome at this lodge.
  • You can book online directly on their website.
  • We had a family suite, so our explanation of the room above is what it’s called on site (Family Suite).
  • It is within walking distance to Magic Mountain
  • They serve Vermont-only spirits, beers, and wines.
  • They have free Wifi.
  • They have an outdoor pool (if this is important to you, I’d call to ask if it’s even open before making a reservation)

Lowell State Park

I mentioned that we liked that there was a hiking spot nearby, that was called Lowell State Park. This was an adorable space, but the middle child wouldn’t go hiking and so yeah, we couldn’t explore as much as we had hoped.

It is what it is.

Pets are allowed on a leash and clean up after them at this Vermont State Park. Again, during the homeless season, we only had a pet hamster so the pet policies didn’t apply to use.

I may go back to this area in the future, but let it be known it is legit in the middle of nowhere. You probably won’t have cell service, and at least when we went (which was off-season, not the winter season) there was like no one around.

Learn more about Upper Pass Lodge in Londonderry, Vermont here.


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