Valentine Gifts for Staff

When it comes to ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work and buying Valentine gifts for staff, I’m here to help! I love finding new ways to make the people you spend your day with feel happier.

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day and Staff Day aka Employee Appreciation Day, I wanted to feature some superb gift ideas for coworkers!

Sure, the commercialized version of Valentine’s Day is all about showering your love with gifts and all that jazz, but why not shower your staff with gifts of appreciation?

Today I’ll share some Valentine gifts for staff and work Valentine’s Day Ideas to help you spread some happiness and gratitude in the office this year!

What should I get my coworkers for Valentine’s Day?

Some of the most brilliant ideas to get your coworkers for Valentine’s Day include homemade goods, a thoughtful card, or a gift card. These are items that are generic enough to gift to someone that you may not know well, all the while still spreading happiness on Valentine’s Day.

Every single one of my Valentine gifts for coworkers can work as a way to spread gratitude on Employee Appreciation Day in March or Valentine’s Day in February. Each of these holidays arrives year after year, so I wanted to provide you with the ultimate resource of gift ideas for employees.

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How do you celebrate Valentine’s day at work?

Most of you who read this content are work-at-home entrepreneurs, so how can you celebrate Valentine’s Day at “work”? I have some ideas:

  • Setup a webinar where you meet together to enjoy Valentine’s Day treats virtually.
  • Send each staff member a Valentine’s Day Gift and then host a live social media video where you all open the gifts together.
  • Host a blog hop event where you will each discuss your favorite reason to be a part of this virtual company.

Below are a few webcams for remote workers that will help you throw a staff party from the comfort of your home. Use the table to compare pricing and options for the best webcam for remote workers to join each other in meetings and virtual parties.

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What is Secret Cupid?

According to the US Census, about 45% of adult Americans are single. So what are you to do when Valentine’s Day comes around and you’re sitting there single and lonely? Well, you know me and I’m not going to tell you to do anything negative. I don’t much care for that “woe is me” bologna.

There’s this option for single people on Valentine’s Day, it’s called Secret Cupid and I’m going to tell you what Secret Cupid is.

Secret Cupid is much like a Secret Santa option for those who want to give gifts to friends or coworkers without anyone knowing who the gift came from. You’ll gather up your friends and family members or staff and have each pick a random name. Each person will purchase a gift for that person that they’ve pulled out of a hat.

Use these raffle tickets to assign names on each card for your Secret Cupid event. The rule is that no one will know who is buying a Valentine’s Day gift for who, it’s all a fun surprise!

If you’re going to host a virtual Secret Cupid, then use those raffle tickets to include the email address and shipping address for each person who’s participating in your Secret Cupid event.

Have fun seeing everyone excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even if they’re single as a pringle.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Staff

Now that we’ve covered all of the details and ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work, it’s time to find those gifts. Finding new ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work will help ignite a more positive, grateful work environment all year round. I hope that you enjoy the list of valentine’s gift ideas for coworkers below so that you can spread some joy in the New Year whether you’re working remotely or working in-person at the office! 

Below you’ll find a list of gift ideas for staff that you can give to those special people you call your team, your coworkers, or your staffers.

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What is a small token of appreciation?

A small token of appreciation is a simple act of kindness that shows someone else how much you appreciate them. This could be something like taking over their work shift, giving them a gift, or bringing in a cup of coffee for them at work.

What is a good small thank you gift?

If you're looking to give a good small thank you gift then consider a thank you greeting card, succulents, soap petals, a throw blanket, or perhaps wine bottle labels.

What do you say when gifting money?

Thank you for your hard work. You're appreciated! You're an amazing soul. It's not much, but it's a little bit to say thanks. Spend wisely.