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Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom – Relax at Hawk Rock Cabins

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom - Relax at Hawk Rock Cabins

If you are searching for a relaxing place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of suburban or city living, then Hawk Rock Cabins is the place for you. Situated in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom there’s so much nature to enjoy here.

As a frequent visitor to Hawk Rock Cabins, I wanted to once again share how beautiful this place is. With the option of 5 different cabins, you are sure to find one for a little adult time away from the kids or a home away from home with the kids. Family and pet-friendly, Hawk Rock Cabins will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to everyday life again.

After turning onto a dead-end dirt road you will see that Hawk Rock Cabins are situated somewhat privately off this back road in the middle of Newark, VT. The keys will be waiting for you inside of the cabin you have reserved online.

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom - Relax at Hawk Rock Cabins

I would advise that you get some kindling, drinks, food and kitchen supplies before arriving so that you can check in, lock the door and sit back to relax. There’s a kitchen full of pots, pans, utensils and even a coffee maker so don’t forget those coffee filters and coffee supplies.

The only thing you will need to bring is the people who are staying with you, your doggies, and food supplies.

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom - Relax at Hawk Rock Cabins

There’s a grill on the deck too where you can grill up some steaks for dinner, well at least that’s what we did. We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner the first time we slept over at Hawk Rock Cabins made by none other than, my lovely other half.

There is WiFi access, a note on the fridge upon arrival will have the password so that you can check email or post online should you have the need to remain connected to the internet.

For us, we often need WiFi to ensure we poke our heads online for members of our websites. Having WiFi access is pretty high on our end of necessities since we do have clients and are self-employed freelancers who occasionally have to log online to touch base.

Dog Friendly Cabins in Newark Vermont Hawk Rock Cabins

The bedrooms in the cabin that we have stayed at twice now are immaculate. The smell of cedar makes me happy, it takes me back to the days of being out in the woods with my father.

The bedrooms are not huge, but they house a bed and at least one in the cabin we stayed in had a television in the bedroom. There’s a bathroom with a shower and tub as well as a toilet and sink.

This means, yes Hawk Rock Cabins has plumbing and running water!

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom - Relax at Hawk Rock Cabins

Off the side porch you will find an area where you can have a little campfire, but be sure to keep the peace as sometimes other guests are there and Hawk Rock Cabins pride themselves on being a quiet, friendly, peaceful location in the woods.  

One time we stayed when other guests were in the cabin beyond yonder, then the other time we had the full place to ourselves.

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom - Relax at Hawk Rock Cabins

I am sure as Summer season arrives Hawk Rock Cabins will find more guests at a time since there are many nature trails and such in the area.

There’s a restaurant down the road, about a twenty-minute drive or so where you can find friendly servers, great food, and reasonable prices should you want to visit civilization for dinner or breakfast out.

Dog Friendly Cabins in Newark Vermont Hawk Rock Cabins

Hawk Rock Cabins has really become our home away from home because their rates are reasonable, the owners are super friendly and the location is perfect. We can take a walk in the field with our dogs, we can sit back to enjoy a campfire while our dogs rest on the porch and we can even enjoy satellite TV if we really wanted to.

I really do enjoy this area of Vermont, it’s super friendly and you won’t be disappointed with your stay. Remember to sign the guest book located in your cabin before leaving, it’s always fun to read what other guests have said.

Click Here to Visit Hawk Rock Cabins Website to learn more. 


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  1. I have never been to Vermont but know if is beautiful. These cabins look like such a fun getaway – especially love that this is a dog friendly vacation!

  2. I love this cabin`s rules 🙂 I desperately need a weekend away from the city. This would be the perfect place for that.

  3. Wow this looks like such a great getaway spot. I love the fire pits and fact there is wifi. I can almost smell the cedar looking at the pictures.

  4. maria @closetohome

    This looks like a wonderful getaway. We need somewhere cool this summer to escape the South heat. I will have to check this out.

  5. This looks like a great getaway surrounded by nature! I’d like to check out Vermont one day.

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