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Video Conferencing Etiquette for Remote Workers

Video conferencing has become an essential part of work for many who’ve been sent home to be a remote worker during the pandemic shutdown. With more people working remotely there are more video conferencing platforms being used to help remote workers connect with coworkers and supervisors.

Today I’m sharing some video conferencing etiquette for remote workers to ensure this new type of work is efficient, productive, and as professional as possible.

Video Conferencing Etiquette for Remote Workers

Use the Right Equipment

One of the best ways to ensure your remote work video conferencing goes well is to have the right equipment. Some have invested in the Meeting Owl Pro as a means to make their Zoom video conferencing better. This smart video conferencing camera has a 360-degree angle, looks like an owl, and has a smart meeting room enabled for the best video conference for remote workers.

Mute Yourself When Not Speaking

I’ve done many video and voice conferences in the past and one thing that can get quite distracting is when other participants have their mic on with background noises. Since you’re a remote worker there may be household noise disruptions that come through on your mic when you’re not speaking, so it’s important that you mute your mic when you’re not speaking to avoid rudely interrupting the meeting.

Arrive on Time

Even though you’re a remote worker, it’s still important that you show up on time. When I say on time I mean early. This is something that was drilled into my head at the age of 13 when I first started working a real job. You must test your equipment and are ready to attend the video conference at the designated time. This may mean preparing fifteen minutes before the meeting starts.

Test all Tech

If you have the Meeting Owl Pro, then make sure it’s ready to go. If you’re using another type of equipment to attend this video conferencing then make sure the notifications on a smartphone device are off, your mic and video are ready and the software for the video conferencing platform has been tested with your device.

Use Technology to Keep Participants Engaged

This is the number one reason we recommend using Meeting Owl Pro for your video conferencing. This amazing video conferencing equipment will make every participant feel as if they’re right in the room with you.

This is a must-have if you’re an employer looking to provide the best in real-life experience with your next work-related video conference meeting. Whenever you’re attending a video conference it’s important to be polite, wait your turn and speak to each other just the same as you would when meeting in person.

I highly suggest you practice video conferencing with a family member before your first remote worker meeting to ensure that you know what you’re doing and how to handle all of the controls during a video conference. If you use these tips for video conferencing etiquette for your next remote worker meeting, you’ll be on well on your way to being a professional remote worker video conference attendee in no time.


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