Setting a household budget the simpletons style. Go ahead, read and learn.

Wait, We need a Household Budget

So we did the amazing transfer from being homeless for five months into a four-bedroom house.

While this transition was fabulous, we had warmth and private bedrooms and a bathroom!

Oh my!

We also had delivery options.

Yes, my friends, we can now have pizza or cheesy bread or whatever we desire delivered right to our doorstep pretty much any time of the day or night.

It’s a little tempting and we got suckered into it.

That is until we realized that our household budget was taking a hit.

What the heck, why is that bill so hard to pay for?

What is the reason that two adults who make a full-time income are slacking financially?!


It’s that damn cheesy bread with that extra garlic dipping sauce delivered right to our front door for a small tip.

That did us in!

So then, we had to discuss the situation.

Be homeless again? Nah, that’s not an option!

We had to admit that our delivery service addiction was strong and we had to get it under control!

I had to give up the cheesy bread and that oh so yummy but bad for you garlic dipping sauce.

He had to give up his delicious but oh so bad for you calzones.

Le Sigh.

If you’re out there fighting with yourself and/or your spouse over those extra expenses and not quite sure why you’re failing to pay bills on time, then I wanted to share a few simple tips that got us out of the hole in about three weeks.

We Stood Firm – Our Household Budget Plan

I’m not going to go all out and tell you that you need some fancy-schmancy template or that you have analyze every last detail of your spending. Even though some of you out there may have to do that, instead I’m going to tell you what us simpletons did over here to set a household budget!

Held an Intervention

We held an intervention. Sitting down and having a chat about that delivery addiction was the first step to admitting we had a problem. Yes, I know you love that 50 cents a cup garlic dipping sauce from Dominos, but it’s costing us our electricity bill.

Yes, I agree that the calzones from Tremont as so delicious, but it’s starting to dip into our monthly internet bill. You know, the bill that helps this adult make that other full-time income in this house?!

We discussed. We pouted. We agreed.

No More Delivery

The obvious first step to our food delivery addiction problem was to stop getting delivery. Yes, I said it. I gave up my favorite cheesy bread and garlic dipping sauce addiction from Dominos and he gave up his Tremont Pizza calzones.

We made a pact that we wouldn’t get delivery because it was simply put – killing our household budget and making us fluffier to boot!

Twice-Weekly Grocery Trip

Instead of going our lazy or addiction fueled route for dinner, we started doing a twice-weekly grocery trip. Now, instead of spending anywhere from $30-$55 on delivery Lord knows how many times a week, plus tip for the driver, we’re spending about $100 – $130 per week on food that lasts about 7-10 days.

We save so much money and we are healthier, no more fluffy belly!

Just kiddin’ we still have the fluff, that doesn’t go away in a few weeks 😉

Setting a Household Budget Outcome

This ultimately has worked to save us a significant amount of money. We’ve started paying up to current the electricity, internet, and trash bill.

So you see with ONE simple change, removing our food delivery addiction, we were able to take just a few weeks to start catching up on bills to ensure that we will achieve our ultimate goal this summer/fall season!

So that’s it – if you want to start a household budget and start paying off some of those bills, then you MUST, I say you MUST give up that one spending or eating addiction that’s causing a ruckus to your financial situation.

*music plays*

Hip Hop Hooray Ho, Hey, Ho .. Hip Hop Hooray” …

Okay, my job is done here.

What do you do to establish good spending habits in your household? Do you have a Dominos cheesy bread addiction like me? Come on, do tell, we’re all friends here.

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