Walking Away from Everything to Reinvent Yourself

I discuss setting goals and removing daily time wasters to maximize productivity. I talk about using your time wisely and how to use positive affirmations in your sleep to train your subconscious mind, but another topic I’m familiar with is walking away from everything and everyone.

I’ve walked away from two houses full of stuff. All of the kitchen gadgets, living room stuff, bedroom stuff, and things I collected, including accidentally leaving behind memories at one house, were left at some point in my last five years in life.

During both situations, I wasn’t thinking about anything other than getting away from a problem that was harmful to my mental health or well-being. I didn’t realize I was simply choosing to walk away from my life. I did. I walked away from everything twice and never looked back.

Well, if I’m being honest, there have been a few moments when I looked back. I looked back and realized I left behind some irreplaceable items, however, I can’t change that now. 

One of the reasons I want to cover the topic of walking away from everything to reinvent yourself is to help you see how goal setting can help you do just that without the drama of running away from what’s haunting you in the now. Goal setting goes beyond making a list and checking off tasks as you work to achieve something.

Goal setting is about seeing that vision of what you desire—finding a big enough reason to want to focus on that desire. Make new habits to remove limiting beliefs, and work on the deepest part of your soul to ensure you can use empowering thoughts and accountability to maintain the new habits and belief patterns.

There are a lot of steps to goal setting, and part of them includes walking away from everything.

“Everything” is all those beliefs you have on autopilot about yourself.

“Everything” is the old patterns and behaviors you do day in and day out simply because you’re letting your subconscious mind work without thinking about the why behind these things.

You’re never fully aware of how you feel, what you want, and what you do.

We’re all guilty of becoming this person. It’s easy to just let life take charge as you go along for the ride. Some people don’t want to make those changes to stop letting life control them; it’s simply too hard or uncomfortable.

Here’s a little secret, anything worth having will be uncomfortable and perhaps a little tricky, but the results will make you forget how painful that journey was!

How to Walk Away from Your Life

The simple answer is the best way to walk away from everything you’ve always known so that you can reinvent yourself is to make a promise to yourself. Make one small promise each day.

This promise can be simple: “I promise to journal my thoughts every day this week.” Another simple promise to yourself could be, “I promise to speak only kind words to myself all day.”

Start small. Baby steps. You don’t reinvent yourself in a day!

It’s going to take time, effort, self-discipline, and a big enough reason why to make these changes within yourself.

You can’t make these changes for someone else, it has to be FOR YOU!

Remember that life is unpredictable for every single human being out there. Even the most optimistic, happy-go-lucky people have a story of hardship.

Everyone has faced difficult times, and everyone has had at least one moment when they realized that a decision was the wrong one.

The difference between those who have made a wrong decision but continue on living their unpredictable life with a smile and those who fall back down into a state of negativity is that the ones who continue to live life with a smile on their face have a growth mindset.

They understand that every decision they make leads to another path in life, and if one decision doesn’t pan out the way they thought, they can make another decision to get to that final destination using a new path.

Do you have a growth mindset?

There’s nothing good or bad about your mindset. I try not to define such things as good or bad anymore.

A growth mindset is someone who believes that they’re always a work in progress, can learn new things, and desires to learn new things every day to be a better person today than they were yesterday.

They believe they have the power to reinvent themselves every day to be a better, stronger, more confident individual.

Someone who doesn’t have a growth mindset believes this is who they are, this is how they’ll live forever, and their path was already mapped out for them.

Some believe that they deserve all of the negativity in their life, while others believe they don’t deserve it but are powerless to change the path that life is taking them on.

Let me simplify this even further:

Things happen TO those who don’t have a growth mindset. Things happen FOR those who have a growth mindset.

If you have a growth mindset, then you genuinely believe situations happen to help you learn something new. Understand this, growth mindset people may not feel this way immediately after a bad situation.

They get to that mindset after they allow their mind to process what happened and feel the emotions associated with it.

Perhaps you need to grow in a particular area in life so as to not repeat previous patterns in life. Maybe something happened for you to make a change and go in a different direction.

There’s always something happening FOR people with a growth mindset.

Each experience leads to a new destination with a new chance to learn something new, and it excites them!

If you get excited about the idea of being able to reinvent yourself and learning from your decisions, then you have a solid chance at walking away from everything to reinvent yourself using goal-setting techniques!

How to Reinvent Yourself

Below are just a few steps to help you with walking away from everything you’ve ever known so that you can reinvent yourself to be more aligned with who you dream of being!

Surround Yourself with Truth Speakers

This step is going to be painful. You’ll be defensive at first and feel attacked, but if you choose the right people whowho truly care about your wellbeing, this step will, help you so much more than harm.

Think about people who truly want what’s best for you. These people don’t have to be people who have known you all of your life, although it’s helpful to have at least one person like that in this group.

This group of truth speakers must be people who aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings by giving you the blunt truth about repeated patterns that will show up while you’re working on reinventing yourself.

You’ll need to have a deep level of trust with them and a solid bond to make it through this step of keeping yourself on task with this process.

See Yourself as Artwork

During this process, you’ll need to look at yourself from outside your body. Of course, you can’t really do this physically, but you can get there mentally. Think about yourself as an artist would.

An artist will stare at their artwork or project for some time trying to visualize how they will transform a piece of clay or paper into a majestic artwork.

When you do this, you can step away from the emotional connection and keep your perspective in a realistic view with a bit of imagination.

If you can imagine yourself being something better, then you’ll be more apt to become something better. Look at yourself as if you’re a piece of artwork in progress.

Do not use this time to beat yourself up, instead notice what you want to change and think about ways you can change those imperfections to create something magnificent.

Find The Habit

When you recognize something that you want to change during this reinvention process, you’ll need to find the habit associated with this imperfection.

Perhaps you realize that you’re thinking negatively about yourself constantly, okay so what type of habit can you change so that this habit of negative self-talk is gone?

You can use my 8-hour loop of positive affirmations on YouTube to hear my voice recite 25 positive affirmations while you sleep.

This will train your mind to believe you’re better than you previously told yourself.

Whatever it is that you want to change, there will always be an associated habit with that imperfection. Learn to find it and focus on replacing that repeated behavior with a new habit that helps you get closer to your new self.

Practice Every Single Day

Last but not least, you’ll practice this new habit every day. You’ll practice being open to hearing your trusted truth speakers tell you what they recognize as a repeated pattern that will bring you backward rather than forward.

You’re going to learn to trust how you feel inside so you can make decisions aligned with your true self.

You’re going to practice every single day to be more conscious of what you’re doing, saying, thinking, and feeling so that you can use that growth mindset to achieve everything you’ve ever desired.

I’m going to be honest with you, the first part of walking away from everything and reinventing yourself is going to be repetitive and frustrating and everything you could possibly think of.

It’s going to test your patience, strength, and dedication to the process.

I am constantly working on creating new habits, recognizing areas that I need to improve upon, and adjusting my routine to reflect these desires.

I highly doubt this process will ever stop, because we’re constantly evolving and growing as we experience new things each new day.

My advice is to never give up on yourself!

You are the only person who can commit to making these changes. You are the only person who can control how you feel and what you think.

You are a magical tool in walking away from everything you’ve ever known to reinvent yourself as a confident, empowered, fantastic human being.

You can do this, if only you make that little promise to yourself that you will do this.


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