Walking Away is Sometimes the Best Solution

Walking Away is Sometimes the Best Solution to Fix Everything

Sometimes life gets too stressful and it seems everything is spiraling downward. When bills start piling up and you’re living a life that’s starting to trigger past trauma, it’s not easy to learn to just walk away. Sometimes walking away from a situation is the only solution to learn how to better your physical and mental health as well as to pause to catch up financially.

There are so many people that are afraid to just call it quits because we’re raised to never give up. The thing is that walking away from a situation that’s destroying you financially, emotionally, and physically is actually the best decision you could ever make.

Walking away from everything isn’t a cowardly move, it’s sometimes the only option and it takes a lot of strength to do this. I’ve learned throughout the years that sometimes you have to walk away from someone you love because it’s the only decision that makes sense.

Why do you walk away from someone you love?

There are many reasons we choose to walk away from someone we love. They could be toxic, abusive, or just simply too draining for us to be around. Walking away from everything isn’t about being a selfish jerk, it’s about knowing where your limit is and what you’re worth.

Listen, we all loved someone in our life that did something that made us see their true colors. This could be an ex-partner, a family member, or a friend.

There’s no limit to those who we may love but have to walk away from.

This topic makes me sad because I hate the idea of walking away from everything. I don’t believe walking away from someone you love is the answer, or at least, I never used to believe that walking away from someone you love was a good solution.

It is going to hurt, and it’s not going to always feel like the right decision, but here are some tips to make sure that walking away from everything you’ve known.

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Should you give up on someone you love?

If you’re debating this decision, then I suggest you consider the following tidbits of information before you make the commitment to walk away from someone you love.

There are three simple things to focus on when you’re making the decision to walk away fro someone you love:

Face the Facts

Pause the emotions for a moment and think about the facts of the situation. You may have tried everything to get this toxic person to adjust their sails and go forward in the right direction.

You may find that their toxic behavior is starting to create risks for your freedom. Whatever the situation is, sit down and think about how this person’s repetitive toxic behavior has impacted your life.

Dead for a Long Time

There are many people, places, and things that have been “dead to us” for a long time. If you’re keeping a line open to someone you love because you don’t know how to walk away from everything, that’s not a good enough reason to stick around.

Chances are if this person has been “dead to you” for a long time, then it’s time to let them go down their path while you stay on your path.

Negatively Impacting Your Family

The biggest reason I walk away from someone I love is because it’s negatively impacting my family. My trio matters to me more than anything. When kids are starting to express their concerns about your well-being and safety, perhaps it’s time to really listen to your kids.

Kids are equipped to tell you the truth and how they see it, without a filter. Kids still have their intuitive nature intact, trust it!

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How do you walk away from someone you love?

This decision may come easy for some of you, but it’s not easy for the rest of us. Making a conscious choice to walk away from everything and walk away from someone you love is hard.

If you’ve finally decided that walking away from someone you love is the right decision then here’s the best way to go about it:

Make the Decision

You have reviewed all of the facts, thought about this toxic person, and the impact that they’ve had on your family’s life.

The decision is ready, you must walk away from this person you love.

Remind Yourself

Keep that reminder in your head about how this person impacts your life and mental health. The person you love may not be happy about your decision to remove them from your life.

Remember that putting your health and happiness first is necessary and it doesn’t make you selfish in a bad way.

Be Clear About Reasons

Sit down with your loved one to discuss the situation. Be prepared with a few notes as to why you’re leaving this relationship or friendship. They’ll want to know why, even if they don’t accept your reasons.

Be firm yet compassionate about why you’re walking away from everything.

Always use statements that start with “I” instead of pointing the finger of blame onto this toxic person. If you’re trying to walk away from a person you’re in a relationship with then you will have to have this discussion.

If you’re walking away from someone you love who’s a friend or family member, then you may just be able to go dark on them. Keeping a good distance between the two of you.

Walking away from a spouse might mean that legal action needs to be taken. Getting help from a solicitor and looking at Georgia divorce mediation can be the best idea. Often when a marriage breaks down it’s hard to stay calm and look at things objectively, which is crucial if you have children. Mediation can help you deal with issues like custody, spousal support, and property division in an amicable manner, perhaps even helping you maintain a civil relationship for your child’s sake.

The situation you’re in may be different, so you’ll have to use my tips above to work out a plan to walk away based on our specific circumstances.

I’ve found that being honest, firm, and keeping the conversation about how this relationship or friendship is impacting my soul is the best way to walk away from someone you love without having any negative feelings about making this decision.

You will hurt this person.

Chances are they will be upset with you.

You have to come to a state of mind where you understand they’ll be hurt, but your mental health and safety is just as important as their feelings.

It’s okay to put your sanity first, yes even when it comes to distancing yourself from toxic family members.

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Walking Away is Sometimes the Best Solution

You’re Not Crazy

While you may feel crazy and some people will think you’re absolutely crazy for just walking away from something that’s destroying you, such as getting out of a living situation that’s destroying your mental and physical health, sometimes that’s the only solution that makes sense. Remember to listen to your gut, those feelings that are actually guiding you forward to make a scary, but good decision to help get yourself back on track. When you follow your gut, no one else will fully understand that you truly haven’t lost your mind, but rather, you’re listening to what’s going to work best for the next chapter.

Have Faith

Whether you’re a loyal member of a religion or have some other form of Faith, the key is to have faith that everything will be alright if you make choices that will better your life at the moment and are realistic to start a new path in life. When you listen to your gut instincts, you’ll find that they’ll always lead you towards a place of safety and sanity. Learn to have faith in that feeling, sometimes your instincts come as knots in the stomach when things are bad for you, other times you’ll feel this butterfly feeling or calmness over your soul when you’re making a good decision for your future.

Be Courageous

Get in touch with your inner self so that you’re in a place where being courageous just makes sense. Sure walking away from everything may not be something you’d done a few years ago, and it’s scary, but when you realize that you’re not crazy, have faith, and listen to your gut with every decision during this chapter, you’ll find that you’re better able to feel a sense of courage like nothing else. Courage will help you stay strong during this scary new chapter and allow you to remain calm through the difficult paths that will come when you walk away as a means to fix everything that’s spiraled down in life.

Walking Away is Sometimes the Best Solution

Not everyone feels that they can just throw their hands up and walk away. It’s not an easy decision by far, but some of the most difficult decisions in life are a chance to reconnect with your inner peace and find a new chapter that truly sets your soul free. The best tip I have for you during a time when you decide that walking away is the best solution to fix everything is to not ignore any debt that was accumulated during that downward spiral, send what you can to anyone you owe money to from that last chapter in a weekly payment plan. While you may feel slow and steady repayment sucks, just have Faith that you’re doing the best you possibly can as a means to get your physical and mental health back on track so that you can be the best version of yourself possible.

It’s not easy to walk away, but when you find the courage to do so, you’ll find that everything starts falling into place as you learn to listen to your gut instincts again and open your mind to a whole new lifestyle that works best for you and your family.

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How do you stay strong after walking away?

You will feel sad and perhaps mourn the situation you walked away from at first. The best way to stay strong through this part of walking away is to focus on the reason why you had to walk away. Learning to embrace your decision and be confident with that decision will help you stay strong after walking away.

Who hurts more after a breakup?

Walking away from a person that you once loved and trusted isn’t easy but it can be eye opening when it’s done for the right reasons. What hurts more after a breakup is the trust that was broken and the self-blame you’ll feel for not seeing the signs sooner.

Will walking away make him realize?

Walking away from him may make him realize what he’s lost but you should be careful about focusing on this question. Making the choice to walk away from everything should be more about you than it is the other person. To do otherwise, will only create a higher risk that you’ll return to this unhealthy relationship in the future.


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