I’ve never understood why so many people say it’s easier just to give up and walk away. Nothing in my life has ever been easier by simply getting up, walking away and moving on. That is always the most difficult decision for me.

The easy way “out” for me is to stick through any situation until I am completely drained of inner peace, happiness, and sanity. I will keep going whether it’s a relationship, friendship or business situation until I am so depleted that I feel like I am completely lost. Walking away? No, that’s never easy for me.

Many will say that walking away is the easy way out or the coward's way out. Not true. Walking away can be the most difficult decision in life or business.

Walking Away is Not so Easy

Consider this, when you choose to walk away from a relationship, friendship or business situation there are steps to take. The steps can go easy or difficult. Usually when it comes to a friendship or relationship the steps to walk away can be more difficult than walking away from a business situation.

The reason being is that there are emotions from both parties involved in friendships and relationships. Business is strictly that, business, and carries less emotional connection.

Positive Mindset to Avoid Conflict

I swear the next person who says walking away is the easy way out is going to make me go bonkers. I have three kids and walking away has never, ever been an easy decision.

Why it may appear easy from outsiders is because when I make a decision to stay in or walk away from a friendship, relationship or business situation I will give my all until I am depleted. I make it look happy because it’s part of my core being.

I can find happiness in a horrible or not-so-good situation and make it appear as if everything is perfectly fine. I am not sure why I am capable of that. I think it’s just how I work because I hate conflict, yelling, and arguing. It makes me literally sick to my stomach and then I can’t eat anything.

Learn Through Mistakes

I’ve learned through mistakes that sometimes things simply don’t work in friendships, relationships or business because the original decision to go with it was not right. Sometimes we get so excited about this new partnership or campaign that we take it on, only to realize it really wasn’t the right decision.

It’s like we are so excited to have this new business opportunity and it seems like it will be such a great lead but then it turns out to be nothing like you anticipated yet you signed a contract and are committed.

Sure you can back out, but just like a relationship or friendship, backing out for legitimate reasons can still cost you money and sanity.

Sometimes Difficult Decisions are Right Ones

So walking away from any situation is never easy. Walking away is quite frankly, more difficult. It brings along some major issues, damaged feelings, hurt contracts, what have you and it’s extremely difficult to see something you once cared about – be it a human or a business scenario – be hurt from your loss to the equation.

For me, no decision in life is ever easy for I have three kids that always must come first and it sucks. It hurts. It’s not so easy to make selfless decisions based on knowing what works well for my kid’s positive growth or not.

Parenting Plays a Huge Role

So if you are sitting here being told that you suck and are being a coward and that walking away is the easy part, let it go. Walking away is never the easiest part. Ever. It’s okay to be selfish in the ways of keeping your sanity to be working in a way that works for you to be in a relationship that works for you and to put your kids first. It’s okay to put your own children before your own feelings and needs or desires.

I am the most selfless mom ever, yet lost that mentality when things happened and never quite got that “kids first” mentality back. It hurts and it broke some things in my parental life, but the good news is that due to how I have worked to raise my kids, they are 100% resilient given any situation.

No, I don’t have the Answers

I don’t even know the right answer to anyone’s problems. Heck, I barely know what to do with my own. It’s simply a matter of not listening when someone is telling you that you are simply taking the easy way out or you are crazy or you have demons haunting you – those are all easy things for someone to say to you when they are not inside of your heart and mind.

Any outsider will never fully know what goes on within your mind unless they truly hear what you say to them. Sadly, all of us suck at communication from time to time in relationships, friendships, and business.

Human beings are something else.  I know that I used to follow my gut instincts, I used to listen to that screaming voice inside of my head saying go away don’t do this, and yet I often ignore it with the hope that something is more than what the surface makes it appear to be.

Lesson Learned, Listen to Your Voice

Lesson learned is that you have to let go of voices from anyone else. Someone telling you to take a business deal because it will be so great! Someone telling you that you should keep this friendship because they want your friendship so badly.

Someone telling you that you are evil because you no longer see the possibilities in whatever it is – let go of those voices and stand up for whatever it is you believe in. Trust me, it will all work out eventually so as long as you continue to make choices that are truly inspired by your own internal voice.

Think clearly, make it simple {remove emotions} and then discuss a solution to resolve whatever problems are in your present life. No part of this will be easy whether staying or leaving a situation.

Can you disappear and start a new life?

While it is possible to disappear and start a new life, it’s not as easy to do these days. With mobile apps, smartphones, and tracking devices everywhere you’ll have a hard time disappearing to start a new life. If you really want to walk away from everything and start over, then consider moving to a new state and being a better you from today forward.

How do I get away from it all with no money?

Let me tell you what, I walked away from everything that had been built up to a pretty awesome empire financially. No, I wasn’t “rich” per se, but we were pretty financially stable, but when I chose to walk away I had nothing. I couldn’t be a partner in the firm as we had no “legal contract” with the “business”, and so I walked away with no money. This was difficult but you can do it. Sleep in your car if you have to, reach out to family and friends, where there’s a will there’s a way to walk away from it all with no money!

Can I just run away and start over?

Walking away from everything is typically done when you’ve decided that you’re better off outside of your current relationship or living conditions. You can just run away and try to start over, but I suggest you try to heal from whatever you’re looking to run away from first. This will help you start over with a clean slate and fresh mindset for maximum success in this unpredictable life.

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