I am sure it is safe to say the biggest thing most of us want in a relationship is to feel special and loved. Below I am going to share ways to make him feel special! Go out of your way to show him a little extra love, so that he knows how much you care and appreciate him! If you love the little things he does for you, then why not return the favor and do little things for him as well!

Any man loves to feel desired in the relationship. They want to feel needed and wanted, it helps with their self-confidence. If your man doesn’t feel like he is needed, it could put a strain on your relationship. When your fella feels like he is protecting and providing for you, it makes him feel good. So try these ways to make him feel loved below, so he knows exactly how you feel.

30 Ideas to Make Your Man Feel Extra Special

30 Ideas to Make Your Man Feel Extra Special

  1. When it is hot take him a cold beverage if he is working outside.
  2. Write him a note and stick it in his lunchbox, or stick on the bathroom mirror for him to find in the morning.
  3. Make him coffee and breakfast in bed on his day off.
  4. Give him a long cuddly hug, and tell him that you love him.
  5. Tell him some of the reasons why you think he is such a hard worker.
  6. Compliment him.
  7. Tell him why he is so vital in your family.
  8. Give and nurture alone time for him, so he can relax and rejuvenate.
  9. Listen to him when he needs to vent about work.
  10. Put down your phone and spend quality time with him, doing something he wants.
  11. Hold his hand when you are out and about or touch his back so he knows you care.
  12. Make him his favorite dinner.
  13. Ask him for help, men love to help and feel needed.
  14. Share your secrets so he knows you trust him.
  15. Ask him for advice on a big decision you might have, so he knows you value his opinion.
  16. Make him feel like he is a priority in your busy life schedule.
  17. Find out what his love language is so you know how to show him love the best.
  18. Respect him, that really makes men know they are cared for.
  19. Make sure to give a hug and a kiss when you leave, and say you love him.
  20. Don’t go to bed angry, try and makeup before, so you can tell him you love him before bed.
  21. Rub his feet if he has had a long hard day.
  22. Offer to rub his back or shoulders when he is tense.
  23. Buy a favorite snack or drink of his and surprise him.
  24. When he showers write a note on the mirror so the steam will reveal your message.
  25. Buy him a gift just because.
  26. Get his car detailed as a surprise.
  27. Tell him how he makes you feel.
  28. Surprise him with a date night.
  29. Bring him coffee in bed before he wakes up, so it is a surprise.
  30. Do some chores that he normally does, so it frees up time for him.

30 Ideas to Make Your Man Feel Extra Special

Why Make Him Feel Special

Often times, in the society we live in, it is thought that woman are meant to be spoiled. Here is the issue with that, if you look back in history or even at a relationship like my Great Grandparents {RIP Grena, and her husband is still residing in VT at the age of 98}. They were married nearly 75 years, if memory serves me right, before Grena {my Great Gram} passed. I watched them in their relationship over the years. I listened to stories from my Grena in her love for her husband. Love for them wasn’t what we try to make it today.

I believe my Great Grampa felt special because each had a unique role in the relationship. While he worked on the farm to provide and gave an allowance to my Grena, and she took care of the home and children. Grena would do things to make him feel special such as cooking a warm meal, tending to their children and being the woman of the home. This relationship made her happy. I truly believe they had their issues and hardships but what happened to keep them united for nearly 75? Perhaps … The undying commitment that love is not an emotion, but rather a commitment to another human being.

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I firmly believe that you should make your partner feel special. Do so any way you can. Don’t do things just to get things in return. True love and long-term relationships are built upon an undying desire to always make each other feel as if you matter and that you are working towards something larger than yourself – a future of growing old together.


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