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Ways to Keep Life in Perspective

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I believe that keeping life in perspective vastly improves your quality of life. When I reflect upon past experiences in life, I often find that having had a different perspective could have resolved a lot of conflict and anxiety. 

As a person who has Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but doesn’t want to take prescription medications, I had to find new ways to cope with anxiety and live with anxiety. This mental health illness is a part of me, and it’s a part of many people in this world. 

While I’m not confident where my anxiety came from, perhaps it’s genetic, perhaps it’s based on the childhood trauma I went through, or perhaps it’s just part of living in the type of society we live in. I don’t really care where my anxiety came from, because I’m all about solutions versus the “why” behind things. 

All too often we get caught up in trying to figure out why something happened to us or why we’ve been diagnosed with something when in all reality we can change our perspective about life experiences and our health diagnosis to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Today I’m sharing some tips to help you keep life in perspective so that perhaps you can learn to adjust your way of thinking and start enjoying life, no matter how much chaos or negativity arrives in your life. 

Ways to Keep Life in Perspective

Remember What You Can Control

I can’t control that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I cannot control that someone gaslighted me, and I damn sure cannot control what happens around me. As a means to keep life in perspective, you must first start to focus on things you can control. This means that you can control how you respond to situations, who you allow to be a part of your life and what you watch on TV as a means to maintain a little optimism when chaos surrounds you. 

Compare Apples to Apples

Another way to keep life in perspective is to always compare apples to apples. This is especially important during a world crisis, as the current COVID-19 pandemic. I don’t watch a lot of mainstream media, but from what I’ve seen they seem to be pushing fear and trying to make us live with fear so that we’ll be willing to give up our freedom in America. When you’re faced with this type of situation, it’s important to compare stats based on similar group sizes, and age groups to ensure that the data is fairly compared. 

Determine a Life Lesson

Lastly, one way to make sure that you always keep life in perspective is to find out what your current situation or previously traumatic experience can teach you. If you opt to use every negative experience in your life as a chance to learn something new, you’ll feel more stable and happier because you’ll see each new experience as having a purpose. When there’s a purpose to our life experiences, human beings simply feel healthier and happier. 

I can’t tell you specifics about how to keep life in perspective, because each new way of thinking is going to be adjusted based on your lifestyle, personality, and experiences. All I can say is that if you start stepping back from whatever your mind is thinking right now, and start using my ways to keep life in perspective that you will start to have a better quality of life and feel less anxious. 


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