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Ways to Make Money Writing Online

Whether you want to write online for an income because you enjoy it or because you need the extra cash, there are tons of options out there to start with and to grow towards over time as well. Even inexperienced writers could make some money through writing online, but it does take a little bit of research and time to get started. How can you achieve this? Let’s talk a little bit about ways to make money writing online and get into the specifics you may need to know before you attempt this as an income source in your life. 

The Old Ways of Writing

Before making money through writing online was a more common thought, the main ways that people made money through writing were becoming published authors, writing for magazines or newspapers, and similar simple habits. And becoming an author was much more complex involving having to find a publisher, be approved, and publish eventually. People were definitely able to make a living off of just writing in multiple cases but it was far less obtainable for most. 

Now, modernization and online use has made a lot of different writing jobs not only easier to do but more readily available and necessary too. Writers and editors that may have struggled to keep enough money or gigs going before the internet would have thrived in the online realm of writing, since so many more companies and individuals out there constantly need the assistance of writers, editors, proofreaders, and more. How can you use this to your advantage?

Being an Author in Modern Times

Like mentioned above, the most common thought when you think of writing to earn money is being an author. It has become a lot simpler to do than you may realize, and even though authoring your own books isn’t the only way to make money writing online it is a great option for those that have something they could write a book about. First, you have to start with a book or at least a rough draft of a concept.

Once you get your book or concept together, you can go through the route of self publishing or of finding a publisher. Publishers are more readily accessible and there are far more of them nowadays than what used to exist so you could likely find success through this method. But you can also publish your own books too through multiple platforms and a little bit more work if you’d like that route more. 

Authoring books can be a great job for those that are particularly motivated to write. You can even make shorter books like web books and e-reader books that are focused more on specific topics, which could arguably make even more money if it’s on a particular topic that people really want to pay to access. It works even better since so many more people out there use technology to read now too just like we use technology to write more often now. 

Simple Ways to Make Money Writing Online

Besides becoming an author, there are tons of other ways you could make money writing online out there. These methods usually mean you are working by gig or as a freelancer. This has its own unique set of struggles as well as benefits, and it takes some getting used to. Yes you can definitely make more out of your time by getting more gigs and making a lot of money in just a day or two, but it also sometimes is risky in having bad job gigs or in not finding any out there.

Freelancing sites and writer work sites exist aplenty for you to find writing jobs. Some of the types of writing you could do to make money include editing or proofreading, ghostwriting for websites or authors where you write content for others to use for their own websites, writing and creating your own blog or website, script writing for videos or podcasts, transcription for audio of all kinds, and so much more.

These are just some of the many options you could find out there. The best way to get started with more small or simple side-based jobs that make you an income from home is to just look for what’s out there when it comes to people hiring for gigs. You could search sites for freelancers like Upwork, check what others are using through Reddit or social media groups for freelance writers, and so much else depending on where you live and what jobs you’re looking for. 

But, when freelancing and more individual case jobs aren’t cutting it for your earnings you can definitely spread out into more topics and jobs for writing online like trying to become an author, or the next thing on our list: blogging. Blogging can really diversify your income depending on how you want to use it for earning money and it definitely has a lot to learn for those that are just getting started with it. 

All About Blogging for Money Making

Making money blogging is a complex situation that usually happens through trying to do multiple different revenue sources attached to your blog. You could use your blog to promote other sale items of your own or of a business you affiliate with for earnings when people buy the products, boost traffic to get ad revenue, get paid to review or discuss products and other businesses on your blog, and more. 

To get started with blogging you will want to pick a niche or concept that fits your interests and expertise, so that you are able to continuously write more content on this topic as well as make articles and a website as a whole that stands out from others on that niche. Then you can get into the nitty gritty of learning about website hosting, creating and purchasing a domain name, and so on. And to further your skills, start learning about creating SEO (search engine optimized) content for bettering your website’s audience and standing in the search engines. 

Blogging can be a great money maker in a ton of ways, once you get some content out there and generate an audience through drawing in people to your website you could earn through affiliate programs and promoting products, getting products for review and publishing reviews on your site, setting up adsense and ad revenue options, and so much else. Take it one step at a time when you’re getting into the concept of website building and find a rhythm you like first. 

There are definitely some more options out there when it comes to ways you could write to earn some money through online writing, but these are some great starter ideas for now for anybody that wants to learn more or get started in the field. You could start as a side hustle to see how it goes or fully dive in, either one has both drawbacks and benefits to consider for the best results in your own personal use. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a way to make one of these great ideas into your own wheelhouse and make a great income from it!


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