What are the Safety tips to Consider When  Cycling in Atlanta?

Have you recently gotten a fanciful bike or are looking to get one? While that can be thrilling, the thought of cycling through the tremendously busy city of Atlanta can be nerve-wracking. But, fear not since it’s all about knowing and adhering to the safety tips.

Biking is good for your physical health. So if you’re looking to practice this form of exercise while saving commuting costs, here are some biking safety tips to remember.

Be seen and heard

Confusing motors or hiding from them puts you at risk. Avoid moving from one lane to the other randomly. Be predictable. Have a fixed path, and let motorists know your intentions before turning. Use hand signals and voice in addition to your bell to ensure they notice you.

Ensure your pedals and the rear of your bike are reflective so that drivers and pedestrians can identify your presence when you ride at night.

Maintain your bike regularly

Ensuring your brakes and wheels are in good condition can help keep you safe as a cyclist. Although you can have it done at a local bicycle shop, learning how to tune-up your bike yourself is an added advantage. Knowing how to fix your bike chain or a flat tire may prove useful for incidents you may run into while on the road.

Keep others safe

Remember that some pedestrians are visually impaired or have some other disability. So you have to be on the lookout for them as they may not see you or react quickly enough.

Watch for people using canes, stop if they’re already crossing the road, and ring your bell or call out to ensure they hear you.

Always wear your helmet correctly

Wear your helmet level on your head, buckle the strap, and ensure it has no signs of damage. Although adults may choose not to, cyclists below 16 years are required by Georgia bicycle laws to wear helmets.

Don’t ride too close to parked cars

Exiting passengers may open the door to alight from a parked car as you approach. This is dangerous, so you should always keep your distance, at least three feet away from them, and stay alert.

Ride on the center of sharrows

On shared lanes, the bike and chevron symbols serve to keep you at a distance from the curb to help you avoid car doors that are opening. Ride on the marked path.

Position yourself properly in the presence of vehicles

Car and truck accidents are very common in Atlanta and may lead to death. Because of trucks’ larger blind spots, the drivers may not see you when you’re beside them. Position yourself behind the truck when it’s turning and let it complete its turn before you advance. Avoid squeezing yourself between vehicles.

Per adventure you get hit by a car or truck, never hesitate to contact an atlanta personal injury law firm. They’d ensure you get due compensation for your loss and injuries rather than having to pay your medical bills yourself.

Follow pedestrians in heavy traffic

When the light changes, turn with pedestrian traffic if the vehicle traffic is too dense and you’re not comfortable competing with them. But before that, you should move out of traffic to join the pedestrians while the light is red.

Turn as vehicles do

When moving with vehicles, turn just as they do. Make sure you signal with your hands and move over to the left-hand lane when it’s safe.

Final Words

Your safety on the road will largely depend on your dos and don’ts. Watch out for yourself, but also watch out for the motorists and pedestrians you share the road with.


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