What Can I do To Feel Happier?

What Can I Do To Feel Happier?

It’s the end of a long day and you’re feeling defeated. Life has just handed you far too much to handle today and now you’re feeling it. The life of an adult is certainly overrated. There’s so much to get done that I can understand why you might feel overwhelmed when night falls. If you’re wondering how to feel happier after an exhausting day, then this is the place to find some ideas. 

What Can I do To Feel Happier?

I confess when 7 pm rolls around, sometimes earlier, my brain is done. I’ve worked for hours at that point, writing creative content for my own blogs as well as client blogs. I’m done. The brain is overtired and it cannot comprehend simple logic, for the most part. I start worrying about so many things:

Is that person mad at me because they didn’t reply to my private message on FB?

Is that person upset because I posted a comment on their social media post?

Does that person really hate me?

Have I disappointed my parents?

Why doesn’t that person talk to me much, did I do something wrong? 

Is the sky blue?

Do unicorns poop gold?

Why did that person buy a silver vehicle? 

As you can see my thoughts go all over the place! It’s from feeling self-pity or self-conscious as to whether I’m good enough anymore, to why someone bought a certain color car. I mean, the list of what my brain goes through when it gets overtired is overwhelming! I’ve come to learn that this is part of my anxiety. 

What Can I do To Feel Happier?

What Can I do To Feel Happier?

Whenever we get overtired our emotions can run wild. The brain starts thinking about the craziest questions and things. I used to allow myself to get consumed with these anxious thoughts. That wasn’t productive though. Allowing those silly thoughts to control my feelings made me feel sad, somewhat depressed and then started making me think of how I can be a better person or friend.

You see, sometimes people don’t message you because they are also going through a difficult time or are just busy in their own life. We are all adults with our own life. The 7 pm overtired version of myself cannot grasp that concept right away, instead, it would rather make me sad. That’s why I’ve developed these tips to help feel happier when my anxious thoughts try to knock me down!

It Isn’t About You

I start by reminding myself that someone not messaging you, commenting on something or engaging like they used to isn’t necessarily about you. These people you have started to worry about are probably your real friends, not just random people. This means they do care about you as much as you care about them, but they’re simply busy in their own mind and world! Don’t take it personally, it isn’t about you, they’d tell you. 

Talk To Yourself

Whenever your anxious thoughts start creeping in because you’re overtired, pause for a moment. I personally like to talk to myself. Yes, I do this, ask my kids! I start talking to myself as a means to put my thoughts back to a place of reasonableness. When you’re overtired your emotions run high so anxiety creeps in making you think unrealistically about things. I literally talk to myself saying things like, “Listen it’s not about you! That’s your ego.” “It’s okay. You’re doing your best and that’s what matters!” 

Blast The Music

I’m so excited to have my van radio working again! Music is a huge part of what keeps me sane when I’m overtired. I also use music to transition from one task to another. Right now our life is a bit off-kilter, and we’re living a bit unconventionally so it requires me to switch “modes” more frequently. For someone with anxiety, not having a solid routine can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why I use music! I blast music in the van anytime I’m driving so that my mind can relax. 

Read a Book

I haven’t read a book in far too long! I miss reading books but admit that my tastes in music and books have changed so much over the last few years. I don’t even know what genre would suit my imagination for that happier feeling these days.  I’ll have to see what you all recommend for reading to feel happier because reading a book can totally help transform your mind to a happier place. 

Being unhappier sucks. We all know that feeling that we’re not good enough or that we suck, it’s happened here and there for everyone. The thing is, you don’t suck. Not a single person has a clean slate, we’ve all made mistakes, and we all have a chance to tread confidently forward in a new direction to be better. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, anxiety or whatever else, then please use my tips to feel happier today! 

What are some things you do to feel happier? How do you work to keep anxiety from consuming your mind? 


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  1. I usually find that if I’m experiencing anxiety due to being tired, I need to ground myself in some way. That might include going outside with a book for 20 minutes, meditation, having a shower or going for a walk.

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