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What Do Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Fintech?

Financial technology is the next step in innovation that is revolutionizing the way financial services are delivered. This new industry uses technology to improve these services.

Entrepreneurs involved with this are creating mobile apps that make banking, investing, and borrowing easier. Although there are already established companies involved in the industry, it is also being flooded with startups. 


More commonly known as fintech, this industry looks to apply different types of technology to financial services. It consists of apps, processes, products, and businesses that strive to improve these services using the internet.

The industry can also include any other type of development that uses technology to improve financial services. 

Key Areas

The primary areas applying fintech include investments, insurance, trading, banking, and risk management. Because of these transactions’ nature, at least one licensed bank or insurer must be involved with a fintech company. However, this industry has seen a lot of support from large banks and other companies.

Currently, billions of dollars are being spent by global companies annually to improve the availability of fintech. This is contributing to the industry’s rapid growth and expansion. This growth is making it easier for fintech to expand into new areas and involve more people. 

One key area that is especially benefiting from fintech is trading, which can now be done through real-time, online platforms. Additionally, social trading networks have been developed that allow individuals to view other investors’ behavior, so they can see what the experts are doing in the market.

These platforms are easy to use and open the investment market to people who do not wish to create a portfolio through a wealth manager. This area is also benefiting from the development of robot advisors that provide expert advice to traders without the need for human interaction.

These robots give advice based on algorithms and provide a much more cost-effective option than seeking a human advisor. 


Many entrepreneurs see the financial sector as a vulnerable area because it relies on information rather than concrete goods. Additionally, large corporations in the field have billions of dollars to spend on research and development.

However, startups are still emerging and incorporating new technology to reduce the costs of financial services. Fintech experts, such as John Cestar, predict that many of these companies will do well despite large banks in the industry. 

While there is a good chance for success, the Bank Secrecy Act and money transmission regulations pose a threat to fintech companies. However, these threats have been lessened as global banking organizations push for the adoption of fintech.

The result is more entrepreneurs entering this industry with the assistance of venture capitals. In fact, venture capitals are offering billions of dollars to get more individuals involved with fintech. 

Fintech is a new industry that relies on technological advancements to make financial services easier. While there are many areas it helps with, one area with extensive improvements from fintech is the trading market. Because of this industry’s benefits, it has a good outlook for entrepreneurs who are looking to get involved. 


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